Goodbye June, Hello July

June flew by, it seems to me time picks up the speed no matter how hard I try to slow it down. We did manage to rest though. June meant a total freedom for kids-we hiked as a family, they played outside for hours with their friends, they read what they wished (not a single suggestion from me). It was a welcome break for me as well, I was honestly way too tired and too close to a burn-out. June was also crazy hot. So I am very happy to have upper 60s and rain on the first day of July. I am also more productive when the weather is like this, and I need to be productive-our school year starts in only a month and a half (first day in co-op is the 19th, and I will have to start at home on the 15th to ease kids into rhythm) . I have barely started my planning and now have to catch up.

Anyway, how was our June:

We visited a new park Eldorado Canyon State Park in Boulder, CO, we had explored but a small part of it, we need to come back there soon


Another new destination for us was Mount Falcon Park, a true wonder located mere 25 minutes away from our home, and to think it’s the first time for us going there!


In addition to these places we did a 9 mile loop in our beloved Staunton State Park, Matthews Winters Park and went to Audubon Center at Chatfield.




Kids were also proud to see the Water Conservation display they did with their friends from our Homeschool Group for Roots and Shoots project.



In the kitchen, we made popsicles- bananas+avocado (1/2)+blueberries +strawberries+ raspberries+ coconut water +orange juice+ flax seeds for crunchiness. Delicious!



Reading: D. has completed The Inheritance Cycle books, loved it to pieces. C. read a lot of Bad Kitty books, which she still adores. We watched A Lego Brickumentary which revived kids’ interest in Lego.

I had a productive month for drawing, all about it here

So yeah, life is good. July will be a little bit busier as my husband’s schedule changes again, I have a tiny solo trip ahead of me, kids are getting ready for their first sleepover at friends’ house…Planning is the main thing on my mind though, so I will focus my attention on that a lot.

Happy July to everyone!



Week’s Roundup: Two weeks edition: March 13- March 22,2015

Wow, I realized I skipped a roundup last week, we were so busy and life got so chaotic. I must make an effort and do better.

Picture of the week:

Spring is here and ground is slowly being covered in flowers

Spring is here and ground is slowly being covered in flowers

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September weeks 3 and 4

Summer moved on, and fall is slowly moving in. It was pretty hot in our parts these past two weeks (upper 80s yikes) , and only now it starts to cool down a little.

So what have we been up to?

Learning at home : We are moving along with our school nicely, however I realized once again that it is simply impossible to get everything done the way I planned it. I get carried away and forget that there is plenty of time for us. D. continues to work on his violin and makes a wonderful progress.

Best memories: I asked children to quietly do origami and they made it an art activity.

C.'s storm skies

C.’s stormy sea

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Staunton State Park

There’s nothing we love better than a good hike in a wooded area 🙂 This week we got to explore a new State Park, located within an easy distance from our home. We got to explore but a small part of it, but it immediately became a favorite.

Staunton State Park is situated just beyond Conifer and is on the highway, it has hiker only paths in mixed wood groves, their ponds are currently under re-construction, but it is surely something to look forward to, there are biking areas,  climbing areas and an abundance of activities that families will enjoy. Marmot Fest is coming up next weekend (July 19-20), it should be very interesting. So many wildflowers, we will bring our guides next time, or better yet join a guided hike.


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