September weeks 3 and 4

Summer moved on, and fall is slowly moving in. It was pretty hot in our parts these past two weeks (upper 80s yikes) , and only now it starts to cool down a little.

So what have we been up to?

Learning at home : We are moving along with our school nicely, however I realized once again that it is simply impossible to get everything done the way I planned it. I get carried away and forget that there is plenty of time for us. D. continues to work on his violin and makes a wonderful progress.

Best memories: I asked children to quietly do origami and they made it an art activity.

C.'s storm skies

C.’s stormy sea


D.’s sweet sunset

We have also made To Be Read  Jars at last. We folded up little squares of paper with all the titles we haven’t read yet, we have also included vague prompts such as “Read a book that has won a prize”, “ask your friend for recommendation”, “go and buy a non-fiction book right now!” etc. So exciting!

D's jar with red paper and C's with white

D’s jar with red paper and C’s with white


my jar

Learning outside of home: D. and C. both completed Reading Bingo at co-op. All the activities go well, C. was invited to join more advanced class for ballet, but alas, the time is inconvenient. D. had a Choir Camp and spent a wonderful day there. We were very lucky to attend a School Matinee for Colorado Ballet’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was a very nice performance and children enjoyed it tremendously.

Best memory: We finally got to go hiking to our favorite Roxborough State Park. What a wonderful place! The blend of summer and fall colors on the trees is just gorgeous. We were very lucky to see a lot of park inhabitants- caterpillars, a slug, a snake and mama deer with a youngster. Nothing relaxes us more than a walk in nature!


see through

like a fairy tale

like a fairy tale

a curious encounter

a curious encounter



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D. reads:

Boy: Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl (book depository). D was fascinated with many adventures Roald Dahl faced, and especially challenges such as losing his sibling to an illness and staying at a boarding school.

and since he pulled “buy a new book” from his reading jar, he chose to read

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane (The Unerland Chronicles #2) by Suzanne Collins (book depository), I haven’t read the series,  D. enjoys it very much indeed. He keeps asking when will he be old enough to read The Hunger Games (not for a few years, I think, but then again  my plan to wait until he’s a bit older  failed when it came to Harry Potter, so we never know)

Reading in Russian:

Д. наконец-то закончил Приключения Алисы и взялся за “Под пологом пьяного леса” Джеральда Даррелла.

C. reads:

Together we read The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl (book depository), it’s a super cute story and it has silly songs in it which we enjoy singing out loud in very bad opera voices.

Favorite picture book  is This is San Francisco by Miroslav Sasek  (book depository) and remembered our favorite city (with severe longing to go back, but also with hope)

Reading in Russian:

На ночь читаем “Колыбельная книга” Андрей Усачев

Сама читает “Сказки” Киплинга

Любимая книжка с картинками “В погоне за шляпой” Свен Нурдквист

Mama Reads:

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë   (book depository), last time I’ve opened it was maybe high school and I didn’t like it much then (although I loved the movie), so it’s a good time to read it again.

Another book I took is The Book of English Magic by Philip Carr-Gomm and Richard Heygate (book depository) considering the amount of fantasy we read, a lot of questions come up and this book seems to be a great research on the subject of magic, whether one believes in it or not. It is full of interesting facts and even activities for those who want to take their curiosity a bit further.

In the kitchen:

Children gave me  The Wagamama Cookbook (book depository)  for my birthday and I finally made Poached Cod with mushrooms from it, it’s wonderfully simple, diced green peppers, scallions and thinly sliced mushrooms +cod wrapped in foil and poached in the oven, in a container filled with a bit of water. If so desired in addition to salt and pepper a tbsp of sake may be poured over the fish. It goes great with rice and salad.


Fall is a wonderful time to start crafting again and my fingers are absolutely itchy. This past week I tried my hand in needle felting again and made a couple of tiny pumpkins for C’s little crowd of critters

all ready for Halloween

all ready for Halloween

Two more days in September including today. We are getting ready to embrace October and with it welcome my parents who are going to spend another fall, winter and spring with us.


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