October in pictures

October just flew by. Why does time rushes like an express train these days? It seems  that the biggest challenge for me is to slow it down, and still I fail somehow. I did not have time to blog, but we did have time for some nice outings, nowhere terribly new and yet, because of the season and its colors, these places felt truly magical.

Hudson Gardens

I love weekdays there, the garden is empty save for a few moms with very small children and elderly people. We love to bring our sketchbooks and this time around we just took our time admiring splashes of orange and red everywhere.

splashes of red

splashes of red

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September weeks 3 and 4

Summer moved on, and fall is slowly moving in. It was pretty hot in our parts these past two weeks (upper 80s yikes) , and only now it starts to cool down a little.

So what have we been up to?

Learning at home : We are moving along with our school nicely, however I realized once again that it is simply impossible to get everything done the way I planned it. I get carried away and forget that there is plenty of time for us. D. continues to work on his violin and makes a wonderful progress.

Best memories: I asked children to quietly do origami and they made it an art activity.

C.'s storm skies

C.’s stormy sea

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Peter in Blueberry Land bookmarks

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As I’ve written in September week 2 post , we’ve read one of the most beloved children books last weekend:

Peter in Blueberry Land by Elsa Beskow (book depository)

This time around since C. is a reader now, she read along with me and D. even though he pretended to be busy, actually listened to the story too 🙂  The reading coincided with us wanting to make some bookmarks. We are in dire need of those, I’ve noticed receipts, stray pieces of paper and postits were being used for bookmarks, and once it was my own phone, no less. I remembered a lovely and simple craft of making blueberry stamps  at Martha Stewart’s . We got our acrylic paints and acrylic paints  paper (not necessary, we just had it, as long as paper is sturdy enough it would do), paint trays and wine corks of course. I made cross marks for on one side of a cork and  cut the other side in half with one half removed for leaf. Children also wanted to make cranberry stamps (since Peter also picked cranberries), so I tried to make a cork more oval by pressing on it with a heavy pot.

We mixed some blue and purple for blueberries, and two shades of red for cranberries and got stamping!

wild blueberry/cranberry madness by D.

wild blueberry/cranberry madness by D.

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September week 2

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We had another good and busy week, posting a little bit late.

Learning at home:

We did our best with planned  lessons and continue to tackle D’s violin (ugh, not easy, but he persists). Kids read a lot and D. started writing poetry again.

Favorite moment: Watching D. struggle with violin, sometimes through tears of frustration, and still not giving up. Also, this week I realized that the day we are most tired are in the end the best. Because it is good tired, from doing a lot, and doing it together.

Learning outside of home:

Kids had a great time in co-op on Friday, and we had our first field trip of school year. With D’s Colorado History class we visited Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It was very fascinating and educational. Now, this is reconstruction and people did not actually live THERE, but it is just like the ruins that were moved on this site and it’s 100% hands on. Kids were able to crawl through the caves and imagine themselves living there. The best pat of the trip to my kids?- The bat hanging from the ceiling in one of the caves 😀

children were able to go into the caves (with adult supervision!) and explore

children were able to go into the caves (with adult supervision!) and explore

Best memory: Driving through rain and fog only to have sun come out in the middle of our field trip, it turned out to be such a gorgeous day! Also little C. was not carsick both ways for the first time in her life (please, please, let her outgrow it finally)

gorgeous views

gorgeous views

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September- week 1

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September is here! It means fall fall fall is almost here. It definitely feels like fall, there is noticeable yellow among the green, the nights are cool (oh, to snuggle under the comforter!), and the air is crisp in the morning. It rained quite a bit too.

So what have we been doing this first week?

1. School at home: We are still getting used to the rhythm , it takes us a while to get things going in the morning and sometimes we end up finishing our work deep into the afternoon. Otherwise it’s not too bad. I can’t figure out yet how to make our days more fun without sacrificing academic load. Although I question the said load every single day, they both need to be challenged, but sometimes it’s too much stress for me to get things done.

Best memory of the week: Playing soccer in an empty park Thursday morning, the air smelled so automn-y, the breeze was cool, so wonderful!


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Bento adventures

One of the resolutions of this school year for me is to try and pack lunches. Since my kids only have one school day away from home, most of these are for my husband. But kids would eat those as well if they had to.

Husband has an option to warm his lunches up, but most of those can be eaten cold as well.

chicken breast+buckwheat+ corn+sauteed chard

Here are the ingredients I’ve used so far, mixing and matching a lot:

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