Staunton State Park

There’s nothing we love better than a good hike in a wooded area 🙂 This week we got to explore a new State Park, located within an easy distance from our home. We got to explore but a small part of it, but it immediately became a favorite.

Staunton State Park is situated just beyond Conifer and is on the highway, it has hiker only paths in mixed wood groves, their ponds are currently under re-construction, but it is surely something to look forward to, there are biking areas,  climbing areas and an abundance of activities that families will enjoy. Marmot Fest is coming up next weekend (July 19-20), it should be very interesting. So many wildflowers, we will bring our guides next time, or better yet join a guided hike.


The views are absolutely beautiful, the clouds were coming and going, some thunder rumbling once in a while and gentle rain fell on us as we were finishing our hike. The way pines smell is one of the best smells in the world 🙂




Children were delighted to see new baby pine cones, these look almost like a face 🙂DSC_0088


Wonderful park, please check it out if you have a chance!


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