Goodbye Summer- Hello New School Year!

We are saying goodbye to another summer. Last summer of my son’s tweens, as he’s turning 13 tomorrow. Last school year was incredibly busy, and quite stressful for us with intense extra curricular activities. But the summer was sweet (but short).
We hiked,played with friends and visited new places in our state. We made lovely memories.




Colorado National Monument



Rocky Mountain National Park


Golden Gate Canyon State Park

This week we have started school at home and at the homeschool program my kids attended for many years now. D. started grade 8 and C. started grade 5.

This school year at home will be different for us as D. will take all of his core subjects at the program and I will support and supplement at home, which is completely new, as it used to be the other way around. He wanted to take Algebra and Physical Science and I wanted to make sure that he gets the best possible instruction. I don’t mind these, but they are not my favorites. He also takes English there, US History and STEAM. His classes are twice a week.

C. still goes once a week to the program taking English, Colorado History, Science and Coding there, most of her school is done at home.

Both kids continue to sing with Young Voices of Colorado, D. is now in advanced male choir and considers Music Theory Exam in the end of the school year. C. is in second level of training choirs.

Both are still doing karate with D. being a junior black belt and C.- solid green.

At home my goal for this year is taking a calm approach (1st week was a failure in that term) . We are trying out Book Shark Curriculum for Language Arts and Science/History. Singapore math for C., D. is doing Saxon for the first time in the program (we used to do Singapore with him). We continue doing our Russian lessons, and D. is taking Spanish in addition to that. He is very excited.

My plate is full with my illustration work  and the commitments I made for volunteering at children’s choir.

It will be a very very busy year. I do miss the early grades and the lovely slow days we had.  But I also welcome the challenge of having a full schedule and measure our time to do both work and play. I hope we can spend enough time in nature, will have more read-alouds as a family.


Here’s to 2018-2019 school year, out 10th year of homeschooling.

Goodbye June, Hello July

June flew by, it seems to me time picks up the speed no matter how hard I try to slow it down. We did manage to rest though. June meant a total freedom for kids-we hiked as a family, they played outside for hours with their friends, they read what they wished (not a single suggestion from me). It was a welcome break for me as well, I was honestly way too tired and too close to a burn-out. June was also crazy hot. So I am very happy to have upper 60s and rain on the first day of July. I am also more productive when the weather is like this, and I need to be productive-our school year starts in only a month and a half (first day in co-op is the 19th, and I will have to start at home on the 15th to ease kids into rhythm) . I have barely started my planning and now have to catch up.

Anyway, how was our June:

We visited a new park Eldorado Canyon State Park in Boulder, CO, we had explored but a small part of it, we need to come back there soon


Another new destination for us was Mount Falcon Park, a true wonder located mere 25 minutes away from our home, and to think it’s the first time for us going there!


In addition to these places we did a 9 mile loop in our beloved Staunton State Park, Matthews Winters Park and went to Audubon Center at Chatfield.




Kids were also proud to see the Water Conservation display they did with their friends from our Homeschool Group for Roots and Shoots project.



In the kitchen, we made popsicles- bananas+avocado (1/2)+blueberries +strawberries+ raspberries+ coconut water +orange juice+ flax seeds for crunchiness. Delicious!



Reading: D. has completed The Inheritance Cycle books, loved it to pieces. C. read a lot of Bad Kitty books, which she still adores. We watched A Lego Brickumentary which revived kids’ interest in Lego.

I had a productive month for drawing, all about it here

So yeah, life is good. July will be a little bit busier as my husband’s schedule changes again, I have a tiny solo trip ahead of me, kids are getting ready for their first sleepover at friends’ house…Planning is the main thing on my mind though, so I will focus my attention on that a lot.

Happy July to everyone!



Week’s Roundup: September 14-September 20,2015

Another busy week for us.

Picture of the week:

Hand in hand, deep in conversation, two gnomes walked through the forest

Hand in hand, deep in conversation, two gnomes walked through the forest

What were we up to this week:

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More Colorado Postcards :)

Last Thursday we went to the beautiful Brainard Lake, but unfortunately didn’t make it to the trail recommended by our friends. Today was the second attempt. We didn’t make it all the way to the Blue Lake again, and for the same reason- not enough time. But today was an amazing day nonetheless. We went about halfway to the park and noticed menacing black clouds, silly me didn’t even think about checking the weather.  The clouds were moving overhead all the while and not a single drop! isn’t it lucky?:)

Roosevelt National Forest

Mitchell Lake

Mitchell Lake

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Thursday trip

Thursday is our Sunday, my husband’s off, we take a break from school, no activities on our calendar at all, none. What a bliss. This is the day for me to “reset my heart to zero”, to let go of all the cares, to rest rest rest. Nature is where we want to be the most. To admire changing season, to breathe fresh air, to recharge. Last week we had a walk in our beloved Staunton State Park. Today we ventured much further. Almost two hours away from our home there lies a gem that is Brainard Lake, amazing, relaxing place. There are a few lakes in the area, in fact, all more or less accessible via hike trails (Long Lake and Mitchell Lake parking lots are small and were all full when we got there). We didn’t have a lot of time, since my husband has classes in the evening, so we only got to explore Brainard Lake itself. All the more reasons to return.

Boulder heading west

We lived in Colorado for over 8 years now, but only just now we start to go further away from Denver. The reason for this is that as much as we love to travel, our little C. had (and occasionally still has) terrible motion sickness. Nothing worked for years, but at last we are starting to have trips without her being miserable. It makes the whole adventure all the more exciting.

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Week’s Roundup: March 23- March 29, 2015

We had the most busy, most crazy week. But it was fun.

Picture of the week:

When you see this guys smiling from the grass you know the spring is here

When you see this guys smiling from the grass you know the spring is here

Even if next day it looks like this again (for a short while)

Even if next day it looks like this again (for a short while)

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Hinamatsuri 2015

This is our second year in a row visiting Hina Matsuri Doll Festival.

Hinamatsuri is a Japanese holiday taking place on March 3rd. It is  Girls’ Day in Japan and colorful dolls are displayed in every home with girls.

Local Japanese community celebrates by getting together for a festival. The festival includes an amazing doll exhibition, ikebana and bonsai display. Tea Ceremony demonstrations and various acts celebrating Japanese culture are presented throughout two days.

We went today not just as guests, but also participants, D. along with his dojo-friends were doing a karate demonstration. We also got to see singing and Okinawa dancing acts, as well as Taiko drums performance.

Now a few pictures from the festival

hina matsuri denver

all the dolls are amazing works of art

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