Goodbye May, Hello June

May is over, June is here. Summer, at last. We are slowing down, trying to sort our thoughts, calm our minds and let our bodies truly rest.

We still had some activities going and there are some ahead of us yet, but it’s nice to know that we can take a step back if it gets unbearable. I was re-evaluating our school year and decided to scale back on activities. Kids loved what they did, I loved watching them try hard and excel, but on the other hand, their schedule took over our life and affected my health. Clocking in 200 miles per week in activities driving alone was difficult for me and I was sick a lot. I also want to have more slow afternoons, more unstructured play time for kids and especially more chances to get out and be in nature. So next year I will lighten up our schedule and combine kids’ activities where I can. I must admit, I do feel guilty about cutting things, but I believe ultimately it will all be for the best.

This past week brought great joy for us– we finally went for a hike (we haven’t been on a proper one since October). Just breathing in all the fresh air, getting our faces washed by gentle spring rain, oh it was a blessing indeed.


Meyer Ranch Park in Conifer, CO

Another lovely outing was in nearby Audubon Center, we enjoyed a wonderful display of Redwing Blackbirds, swallows were going crazy and flying around us on the eye level, the birdsong was incredible.


Kids are reading with gusto, now that they have all this time. C. re-read “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” by Kate DiCamillo (maaan, I read the ending when she was done and cried, again). D. is completely immersed in The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. He is done with first three books and halfway through the final, fourth one.

I am re-reading “The Enchanted April” by Elizabeth Von Arnim, probably because it is full of something I’ve been craving desperately- rest and flowers.


Mama makes:

I have made a new keychain out of polymer clay and finally painted an initial letter for my studio upstairs. Very happy with both projects.






Final summer postcards

We start our school at home on Monday. Summer is still here, but a little bit of autumn too. It was a good summer, full of relaxation and replenishing of energy, we had lovely trips and spend time as a family. Like I have written previously, we consciously chose to spend more time alone with each other. Even on our trip we decided not to meet old friends. Since my husband was so busy this summer, every minute of togetherness became more precious.

There were some struggles too, and challenges this summer, but hopefully we learned more about each other and ourselves, and hopefully they empowered us.

Our August memories:

Golden Hours with the sun against thundery skies

Golden Hours with the sun against stormy skies

that very special birthday trip (a first double digit birthday for D. and a palindrome birthday for me)

that very special birthday trip (a first double digit birthday for D. and a palindrome birthday for me)

the healing power of waves

the healing power of waves, I can still hear the roar in my ears

amazing colors

amazing colors all around us

many hills were climbed

many hills were climbed

And at last, when we arrived home, we found out that the tree in front of our house started to change color, and that even though it was in the 80s during the day, the evening wind got colder…

fall is almost here

The fall is indeed creeping in. One more day to plan, to lay things out, to prepare for another year of learning together.

Now is good

It’s August tomorrow. My dashboard is preparing for school, countdowns are up, supply lists, clothes and lunches are being discussed it great detail. People are getting ready. We are not there yet.  I am grateful for freedom of homeschooling – we can go back in a month as opposed to in two and a half weeks when our school district starts again.

We will continue to enjoy our little moments of gold. It was so simple to allow ourselves to rest well this summer. We enjoyed meeting friends, but also were alone a lot. We learned how precious it is to have alone time. I hope people that didn’t get to see us this summer will understand. We had so many “lucky moments”- pelicans, frogs, going hiking, reading under the tree, listening to the rain and watching clouds.

sparkles on the water under the sun

sparkles on the water under the sun

noticing pretty colors

noticing pretty colors

making little bouquets on a hiking trip

making little bouquets on a hiking trip

little legs long enough to kick my elbows, but the toes are still tiny

little legs long enough to kick my elbows, but the toes are still tiny

We grew up so much this summer.  Kids got more independent, they got taller too. I learned to allow things to myself (this poem helped a lot), the man of the house started a new journey in his career. Two books that fell into my hands  talked about the importance of genuine living and basking in the light of present moment. While the concept isn’t new, never before have I felt it to be so imperative to our family’s well being. Maybe it is also because I can physically feel kids growing up so fast and I am not ready to let go. Maybe because the whirlwind wore me out. I want gold moments to last: C. waking me up with kisses, D. sharing his thoughts on Harry Potter, clouds raising when we go up the hill, the cuddles, the warm moments of togetherness. The peace. That is my biggest wish– to be peaceful in my heart. If I learn how to be peaceful, then when the schedules and obligations and necessary activities and chores will start again, I won’t be tired out of my mind, and I won’t feel like my world is spinning and I can barely keep up…Now is good.

Thursday Delights

Life continues to be slow with occasional bursts of activity here in Sunflowerous House. Children are getting a bit impatient to start school again, I am enjoying the fact that I haven’t had to set up an alarm clock for two months now.

Things that made my heart glad lately:

a sudden rainbow on out ceiling

a sudden rainbow on our ceiling

My girl's dancing shadow and she gallops up the path

My girl’s dancing shadow as she gallops up the path

A fragile  beauty of dragonfly's wings (alas this one was already dead)

A fragile beauty of dragonfly’s wings (alas, this one was already dead)

Taller than me and proud, and so brillian against the sky's blue

Taller than me and proud, and so brilliant against the sky’s blue

Just a few weeks of summer left. And then the fall will come. I want to hold on to this feeling of being calm and rested. I want to slice our time into larger and neater chunks. Just a few more weeks…

Week’s Roundup: June 15-June 21, 2015

Another week flew by and it’s Summer Solstice time already. The summer is officially here, yay!

Photo of the week:

Kids were all about playing with water this week, no wonder, we had a couple of extremely hot days

Kids were all about playing with water this week, no wonder, we had a couple of extremely hot days

What were we up to this week:

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