Lego Timeline (part 1)

During the third grade we learned a lot about Ancient World. However as we wrapped up our school year, we realized there was a need to create a sort of timeline for children to follow. I searched for ideas and those I found included fold-out timeline, three-ring binder timeline (we tried it but there were two problems with it :1) kid doesn’t open it unless prompted 2) if he does look through it pages get torn out sometimes) and there is even a game. But all of these  ideas were lacking excitement somehow.

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And then D. spotted a new Brick Wonders book in the store and absolutely definitely had to get it

Brick Wonders: Ancient, Modern, and Natural Wonders Made from LEGO

And this is how the idea to create a Lego Timeline was born.

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Monday and Tuesday

Our school started Monday. Kids did pretty well for the first day, regarding the fact that they had almost the whole August off aside from reading and some writing when they felt like it.

We started a new journal for D., he likes writing a lot, so this year instead of having just one notebook for all his writing, he got his special personal journal (“like the one mommy has, yay!” (C)) . I found a wonderful idea to get him to write more about personal stuff, it’s called “Awe-journal” and while I don’t exactly expect him to write all of his “awe” moments every time, I think it will serve as a good inspiration. We decided to make this plain composition book more personal by decorating it.  There’s an excellent idea of how to personalize composition books with duct tape sheets and metallic markers at Art Projects for kids,  we went with white contact paper this time. I thought D. would make it more colorful, but he opted out for softer colors. “Astronaut landed and can’t tell the difference between pencil and his rocket” is the theme, should I expect great things from him regarding this project? 🙂 We’ll see.


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Summer is on its way out

Summer has passed while we were not looking 🙂 It’s definitely cooler (okay, not counting these few days of 90 degrees last week), it rains a lot, there are yellow leaves here and there. But most importantly today is the last day of Summer Vacation and tomorrow we will start 3rd grade with D. and continue pre-K with C.

I can’t believe it, but it’s going to be our 5th year homeschooling if we count D.’s pre-school year at home. I can’t imagine now what would it be like if kids went to school and I deeply appreciate everything homeschooling made possible for us. Grateful for the opportunity to stay home and teach the kiddos. So far it was the choice that suited us the best.

D. and C. are both excited to start again, we took a real break this summer, especially August. We “staycationed” again, hiked in the area a lot, D. took some tennis classes. I have lots of things planned for the school year, kids will have a lot of activities outside of home as well, we’ll see how those work out.

In the meantime I’m ready to take a big breath and plunge into our teaching/learning mode.But before I do so, I need to remind myself a few things considering the experience of previous years.

  • Get rest! It’s so easy to get lost on pinterest (yet again) and reading blogs and various articles kept me up more than once waaay beyond the bed time. This won’t do. Get sleep!
  • Be prepared for the moments when a lesson might not work. D. is older now and it’s getting harder and harder to improvise. So better have an extra option on hand always.
  • Do NOT stress. Homeschooling in particular and learning in general is not about being worried all the time. It’s not like we can’t catch up. So relax and take it easy.
  • Routine and rhythm is everything! For kids, but especially for me. We are all morning people, keep it that way.
  • Share experiences. I made this blog to keep records and share our learning experiences with family and friends and hopefully find new friends as well, so better be active. I will try my best!

Now a few of postcards of our summer. Pardon phone quality in some of those:


sea of grass

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