Digging the earth, talking to the plants

What a bliss, no plans, no engagements…we had most wonderful start of the week.

sunflowerous days summer 2015

During breakfast on Monday we decided that we will definitely try to make a tiny container garden this year. There were less successful attempts before, but this time we are determined.

But first we read a little bit about plants.

A Seed is Sleepy by Diana Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long is one of the most beloved and most beautiful books about plants we have, and even though we have read it before, we marveled again at the beauty and complexity of a seed coming to life.

The Where, the Why and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science is a recent addition to our home library and it was this book that answered questions of whether trees do or do not talk to each other and how long do trees live. Also whether plants eat animals and why, this was especially fascinating to children.

books about plants

Second we went out on the patio and started digging. We turned the soil in all our pots and added some new. We planted tiny seeds for herbs and flowers (not sure if flowers will come up actually). We moved our poor lavender (which we though had died, but it came back to life) into a roomier pot. C. was so good about planting and replanting. She sang to plants, and wished them to grow strong and be well. She was the first one today to rush and check if the soil dried up.

digging the earth

planting seeds

Today we continued our adventures as we purchased a geranium and a viola and our patio instantly looks more cheerful.

But the most important thing we did is we started! our very first! FAIRY GARDEN! Can you tell how excited I am. I regret not doing it earlier, as D. is turning 10 this summer, and I am not sure if this very first fairy garden might also be his only one. Anyway…

I got small shallow pots as I wasn’t sure if children will be into it at all or not, and now we are thinking to add a couple more. We put some dirt, some pebbles and some moss in it. We got a tiny strawberry plant and some ground cover plant from the nursery today and added to a landscape. C. got a tiny table for fairies to have their cake. Kids added shells for additional seating options and some glass pebbles for festivity. I don’t think they are finished yet, so it is work in progress, but boy does it look cute.

D.'s garden

D.’s garden

C.'s garden

C.’s garden

We also watched a fascinating documentary What Plants Talk About on PBS (it is also on youtube for those that can’t access PBS) , and some things blew our minds like plants sending distress signals (little C. was very aware to plants “screaming for help” today, so if you have a child that is easily impressed or is very young, please use caution), or a network of communication between plants of the forest. Very very interesting.

Today we also visited local working farm/museum  and were surprised to see how far along their garden is. I guess the fact that it is almost June haven’t caught up with us yet 😀 We sat in the shade of big trees, kids happily got into mud, ran around and looked at all the animals. We saw dear friends who joined us in our walk.

littleton museum


always something new to discover! we didn't realize there was a pond there

always something new to discover! we didn’t realize there was a pond there

Lovely, long days, perfect and carefree, how I missed those!


Bird Banding

Today, we had an amazing experience attending a class in our local Audubon Society . We had a pleasure of taking a Bird Walk  here before and attended another class for homeschoolers. Today was extra special as we got to see how the birds are banded, and we learned about migration.

First we took a walk among the wetlands and trees that were so full of life comparing to our late autumn and winter visits.

There were so many of Red Winged Blackbirds and the air was full of their song.

There were so many of Red Winged Blackbirds and the air was full of their song.

Children learned about beavers being active again and spotted a white heron that was a bit far, but there nonetheless 🙂

Before long we reached the bird banding station (which is open to general public on weekends until May 31,2015, folks in the area hurry up and visit!) and got to see a little Lincoln sparrow that got caught in the net and was ready to be banded. Another little Lincoln sparrow was caught later. Just as we were about to leave more birds came up from other nets, too bad we couldn’t stay to see what kind they were.

lincoln sparrow

Little leg is being measured for the band

Little leg is being measured for the band

The bird’s leg was measured for the band and a band quickly attached, then the wings and tails were measured and carefully recorded, then the fat on bird’s chest was checked- we got to see its little heart fluttering through the transparent skin- so tiny and so fast! Finally the bird was weighted

weighting the bird

and the little kids helped release the bird back to nature.

releasing the bird

After kids learned about things that help and hinder the migration. It was a lovely walk and we were very lucky to have a warm sunshine after two days of rain.

For more information on migration check out PBS video

And Winged Migration is an excellent film on the topic.

this moment

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spring pantry overhaul

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