Bird walk

Last Sunday we went birding for the very first time. Local Audubon Society does monthly walks in different locations in Denver Metro Area and most of the events are free or low cost. It was a wonderful 3,5 mile walk and me and children learned a lot about spotting, identifying and recording our sighting from Master Birders. We will absolutely be back for another walk at the first opportunity. Find an Audubon Society near you via their website 

There is and excellent book list with activities on Cornell Lab of Ornithology page. We are only just starting our adventure in bird watching, but the simplest activities are easily implemented , the feeder can be built from simple materials at hand such as milk carton or bottle, simply watching birds in one’s own backyard and enter sightings into e-bird database

Some pictures from our outing:

will we be lucky today?

will we be lucky today?

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Bento adventures

One of the resolutions of this school year for me is to try and pack lunches. Since my kids only have one school day away from home, most of these are for my husband. But kids would eat those as well if they had to.

Husband has an option to warm his lunches up, but most of those can be eaten cold as well.

chicken breast+buckwheat+ corn+sauteed chard

Here are the ingredients I’ve used so far, mixing and matching a lot:

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1,2,3, Go!

Why am I here? Why, to blog of course. Our homeschooling adventures, never ending cooking quest, piles of books that have been read and will be read, our sometimes crazy day to day life…It is a transition from another blogging platform and as we are moving questions pile up:  shall I bring my old stuff here? Shall I star afresh? Still deciding, but exciting things are expected for sure.