BOOK REVIEW: The Basque Book by Alexandra Raji and Eder Montero

Regional cuisine always interests me. I feel that one can get to know a place a little bit better after tasting local dishes. For an armchair traveller like me it is also a chance to experience a foreign land from the comfort of my home. The Basque Book by Alexandra Raji and Eder Montero invites us to experience flavor of Basque country (an autonomous community in the North western Spain). I love the latest trend of creating culinary books/travel diaries, when the book is not only filled with recipes, but also photographs of the local life, little essays help to get essence of the place as well.


The book is split into following sections: Basics, The Art of Pintxos ( much like tapas), Huerta (kitchen garden), Eggs, Cod section (wow, I love eating cod and the fact that it deserves the whole section is very pleasing), Soups and Stews, Gathering the Basque Way, Sweets and Beverages. The recipes do require some specific ingredients, there are links to purchase them in the end of the book. Recipes are mostly straightforward, interesting flavor combinations too. Although fresh seafood is hard to come by in my region, I am looking forward to try other recipes, especially salads and breakfast items.

Overall impression: Liked this book a lot, looking forward to cooking from it. Beautiful photography, glad I got to peek at the local scenery as well. 5 stars.


I recieved this book via Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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