BOOK REVIEW: Fast Metabolism food Rx by Haylie Pomroy

Before I start my review let me tell you-I am not a fan of dieting. Indeed it is my first diet book. My personal philosophy has always been pretty simple-whole foods, quality produce and nutritional balance. Lots of exercise too. And yet I am in the middle of a health crisis and I wonder what went wrong. Haylie Pomroy is the nutrition guru, her work  was recommended to me by a friend. So I turned to her latest book Fast Metabolism Food Rx to see if it can help me at all. At the first glance Pomroy’s philosophy makes a lot of sense-a certain food no matter how “right” it is on paper may not be suitable for a particular individual. That is precisely why an individual food prescription is needed for each specific person.


In the beginning he book talks about how metabolic pathways affect our health and how our body signals about the problems. I was surprised to see the digestive issues to be less severe symptom comparing to mood and cognitive problems. But when I think about, indeed, depression worsens pretty much any health issue. Three sections of the book are dedicated to body “whispering, talking and screaming,” each section discusses what is going on, how it can be helped, what needs to be done. A menu outline follows with sample recipes for each meal. In the middle and end of the book a helpful list of food and serving sizes is provided.

Overall impression: I like this book very much and feel that by following it I am on the right track. I just started but I am feeling better already, I am curious if my next checkup will show a difference. I absolutely recommend it.


I received this book from Blogging for Books  in exchange for a fair and unbiased review


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