BOOK REVIEW: Art Students League of New York on Painting

As someone deeply interested in art, both as an observer and aspiring artist, I greatly appreciate the Art Students League of New York on Painting book. A collection of lessons, philosophies, wisdom from some of the most recognized artists, this book will delight anyone with interest in art.


This book is so beautiful! Gorgeous paper, binding,  and full page reproductions of works of art are combined into a wonderful and heavy volume. First part is comprised of lessons and demos by Henry Finkelstein, Mary Beth McKenzie,  Frederick Brosen and others. The lessons in print cover still life, landscape, portraint  (most of the lessons focus on portraits). Part 2 is Advice and Philosophy. Participating artists include Charles Hinman, Deborah Winiyarski, James L. McElhinney and others.  I found this part of the book especially interesting, each essay gave me something new to ponder. The artworks of the students were extremely interesting to look at. Part 3 is Interviews is another wonderful opportunity to look into creative process of each artist interviewed ( Frank  O’Cain, Ronnie Landfield and Knox Martin).

Overall impression: This book is a treasure. It provides a wonderful opportunity to look deeper into process of creating art, the variety of topics covered is wide too.This book makes a wonderful gift.


I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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