Goodbye November- The Best Season of All 2015

November flew by even faster than October, who knew it was possible, yet here we are. We had some awesome outings, kids participated in our homeschool program’s annual science fair, we were very sick with nasty respiratory bug that is going around, welcomed first real snowfall of the season and a few after that, had a very quiet Thanksgiving…. And it’s December tomorrow, which means The Best Season of All 2015 is starting!

Every year we have a very special month of December, having some holiday fun every day. I usually make a calendar of activities and kids are excited to find out what will each day bring. Last Year’s calendar and list of fun things to do can be found here. Follow the tag to see what we actually managed to do.

This year’s calendar is all drawings of mine

advent fun calendar 2015


Activities are spread through the whole month (don’t ask what it takes to come up with them, every year I try to add something new to old faves). None of these are mandatory for us of course, life happens and most of the month will be very busy with various things, so we’ll do what we can.

1- Cut snowflakes to decorate windows

2-Decorate the house with lights and garlands

3-Bake Cookies

4-Family movie night

5- Hang lights outside

6- Winter concert (D.’s choir performs)

7- Winter art project

8- Hot chocolate and cake day (+one more concert for D.)

9-Open New Books (something holiday themed perhaps)

10-Finger knitting (excited about this one, something new for all of us!)

11-Buy a tree

12-Make homemade tree ornaments

13- Make cards for friends and teachers

14- A tiny holiday village (out of lego or cardboard)

15-Letter to Santa

16- Decorate a candle

17-Winter scavenger hunt (weather permitting)/winter art

18-Holiday lights drive

19-Family game night

20-Holiday mobile

21-Create a winter tale (my dream is to make a pop up book with them or a mini-movie, but even a short writing will count)

22-Happy Winter Solstice!

23-Holiday season around the world

24-Cookies, movies,books- happy Christmas eve! (Iceland tradition of book giving delighted me so much that this year I plan to tweak our “books under the tree” tradition and have them choose one each on Christmas Eve, so they don’t have to wait until morning)

25-Merry Christmas!

26-Make a bird feeder

27-Make an ice lamp

28-Shadow theatre

29-Build a fort in the living room and “hibernate” all day

30-Make mini wish bottles

31- Remember the best parts of 2015 and get ready to welcome 2016


So here it is. We’ll see how it goes, today doesn’t feel like almost Christmas time yet, despite the snow and quite a few decorations being out already. This year I steered clear from overexcited stores peddling holiday ornaments as early as September, it’s refreshing and seems like a proper transition from fall holidays into winter time.


Happy December to all!


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