October: Checking in

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it…

I feel like most of my school-year posts begin with “what a crazy/busy week we had”, well, that would be pretty much all of October. I wish it was different, to be honest. We need to slow down. Even now I am looking at what was supposed to be a slow empty week and over the past three days my planner got very full. Somehow something always pops up. 😦

The world is very pretty nowadays, all the colors are just breathtaking.


Some trees are already stand naked though, so indeed, winter is not far away. We had our first cold rainy days, the weather have been quite hot otherwise, so transition won’t be easy

What we’ve been up to- I haven’t updated since the very end of September, so here’s a quick round up of our activities up until today:

  • We went for a tour to Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory, I may not necessarily be a big fan of their teas, but the tour was very educational. The famous “mint room” made our eyes water, but I could live next to bales of lavender 🙂
  • D. had a Boy Choir camp with his choir and had a marvelous time there.
  • There were health issues we had to attend to, luckily it’s nothing serious and everyone will be all right.
  • Our house got new insulation, the winter should be much warmer for us now
  • Learning at home: kids are reading a lot, there were some struggles with math for D. and with spelling for C., C. loves Spanish- she has a class once a week in co-op and she is so happy there. We are sailing through Ancient history-repeated Mesopotamia, which we learned a lot about last year and started Ancient Egypt. For science both kids are getting ready for a Science Fair at our homeschool program.
  • Outside of home: All activities go well, preparations for a karate tournament, preparations for choir concert. Both kids love the chess club too.
  • I am drawing like a maniac. It’s been over 4 month of continuous practice and I am enjoying it more every day.
  • Kids dad got new job, his schedule got a little bit better, so happy about that.
  • I got kids’ testing results-they did well, so it’s a relief.

I am going to list what kids read in October sometimes next week. I am reading mostly books about drawings and re-reading some old faves.


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