BOOK REVIEW: The Time Chamber by Daria Song

Adult coloring books are all rage lately and stores offer a wide variety of choice- including mandalas, street scenes, patterns, flowers, you name it. Today I want to talk about a particular artist whose creations caught my attention as of late. Daria Song is a Korean artist creating a fairy tale like coloring books. I enjoyed her first work “The Time Garden” very much indeed. And now the second book “The Time Chamber” is in my hands.


“The Time Chamber” is not only a coloring book, it’s more like a picture book you can color. It’s is a very cute, magical story about a fairy that lives in a cookoo-clock and comes out to play when the night comes.  It is a sequel to “The Time Garden” where a little girl goes inside a clock to play with the fairy. This time fairy ventures outside from the clock. The book contains all types of pictures to color- sceneries, patterns to color when one is in meditative mood, little objects for a shorter coloring session. The story is being told throughout the book, which is very nice and adds extra interest for my kids who watch my progress as I color and occasionally participate.

Overall impression: Love it! The artwork is amazing and the detail promises hours of coloring delight. Among many coloring book available out there, Daria Song’s work stands out. 5 Stars.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange to a fair and unbiased review.


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