Week’s Roundup: September 21-September 27, 2015

Another whirlwind week! Wow, hopefully out life will slow down a bit soon.

Just a few more weeksof gold left, I will shamelessly spam the fall parade

Just a few more weeks of gold left, I will shamelessly spam the fall parade

What were we up to this week?

  • School at home: we did our usual routine for main subjects, mostly wrapped up topics that were already started. The highlight is our quick science study: D. watched a video about the brain and we learned how the eyes work. The amount of processes that go on in the eye within a mere second blew our minds. D. took up challenge posted by Natalie at Planet Smarty Pants and although he was very frustrated by not being able to solve it immediately, he is determined to make it his long term project.
  • Both children took their MAPS tests on Wednesday. C. technically didn’t have to, but wanted to very much. Results are to come within a few weeks, we will see how they did.
  • Learning outside of home: Choir went well, D. had his first ever sleepover for the choir camp and he enjoyed it. Poor C. sobbed before bed- she missed her brother too much. Ballet went well. Unfortunately, we are going to have to stop swimming lessons for the time being. The last lessons are on Tuesday and no more after that. The lessons took up too much time with little progress to show for it. Last trainer was not a good fit either. So we will let them go. Chess club went well.
  • We went to Staunton State Park again and did 10 miles hike! Very proud of kids who didn’t while and did their best on the hardest parts of the trail.
green and gold

green and gold

  • My own personal accomplishment: I completed 100 days of drawing challenge! I learned so much and acquired a habit of being creative every single day. I received so much support from people around me and on the web, truly thankful for that. The next goal is to explore new media, such as pastels and acrylic paints. I hope to become more skilled and confident in my abilities. I just opened an instagram for my art too, I guess the fact that I am not too shy anymore about it is a good sign also.
a small part of what I drew over the course of 100 days, proud of many, embarassed about some...so much to work on still

a small part of what I drew over the course of 100 days, proud of many, embarrassed about some…so much to work on still

  • Reading wise we didn’t get to any of the new stuff due to being so busy and never home, but lots and lots of re-reading.

Next week promises to be busy also, but not insane like the one that just ended. We’ll see where it takes us.


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