BOOK REVIEW: Paper Goods Projects by Jodi Levine

Just in time for the school year! Paper Goods Projects is a book full of simple crafts that don’t require too much time, yet look good both as an accessory to an imaginative playtime and a party. The book is written by Jodi Levine who was a part of Martha Stewart creative team for over 19 years. The cover copy promises total re-evaluation of one’s pantry shelves and tons of  fun with household materials. Let’s see if it lives up to it.

paper goods projects

This  colorful book offers a variety of simple and cute craft ideas from all sorts of materials available at most homes: coffee filters, paper towel tubes, balloons, milk cartons , etc.  It is separated into four sections according to the material. Coffee Filters and Cupcake Papers is my most favorite of the four. Dyed Coffee Filters look amazing. The projects include flowers and cake topper ideas. Second section is dedicated to paper plates, bags and doilies. It is also quite creative and there are number of ideas I am excited to implement such as garland, masks and paper bag decoration ideas. The third section is my least favorite and is dedicated to balloon creations. The balloon cake toppers are just not appealing at all to me and table decorations are plain ugly, sorry to say. The only project I would really like to do with my kids is balloon solar system. The final section is dedicated to the materials found in recycling bin-cartons, cereal boxes and paper tubes. I liked the ideas for paper town out of boxes and cartons, tube animals look great as well.

Overall impression: I somehow expected something extraordinary from this book, and while there are some wonderful ideas, there is not much I haven’t seen before on various blogs and Pinterest. As I’ve written above, balloon section (which is 1/4 of the book) is useless to me. The book is pretty– bright colors and lovely photography. The crafts are simple and easy to put together with kids of different ages. 3 stars.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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