BOOK REVIEW: Einkorn by Carla Bartolucci

Einkorn, the ancient wheat, has entered our lives a few months ago when my husband’s tests showed that his blood sugar is elevated. He started to look for alternatives to his beloved breads and pastries. He was buying einkorn pastas and cookies ever since. It seemed to help. Recently he brought home einkorn flour and I realized that I have no idea what to do with it. Or rather hesitant.  So I got the book.

Einkorn the cookbook is written especially for people like us, who want to bake with einkorn, but have trouble figuring out how to make it work for the best. This cookbook is written by Carla Bartolucci , the founder of Jovial, the brand that produces all einkorn products we came across so far. She came across this ancient grain while looking for a remedy for her daughter’s health issues and she is very passionate about einkorn’s benefits.


The book starts with explaining what exactly einkorn is, and how is it different from the regular wheat that we all know and are used to. The introduction is followed by tips for working with einkorn, how to make bread starters, utensils’ specifics (no metal bowls!), times etc. The section on breads follows, then quick breads and breakfast items, after that cookies, cakes, pies and other sweet things, savory and street food sections are the last two in the book. The collection of recipes includes old favorites and international flavors. The photography is attractive and the food looks great.

Overall impression: Absolutely helpful. So far we tried making sandwich bread and pancakes. The bread was rather dense, but edible. The pancakes were lovely. I guess I probably need to adjust for altitude somehow, or just get a hang of things. I am glad to find useful tips in this book, it would have taken me a long time to figure it out on my own, and einkorn isn’t exactly a kind of product (pricewise) that can be wasted while one experiments.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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