BOOK REVIEW: A Modern Way To Eat by Anna Jones

Like many people nowadays, I’d love to eat more healthy, wholesome and delicious food. For me personally recipes for vegetable only dishes don’t come very easily. The habit of throwin in some meat most of the days is quite strong. Sure, once a week I can create an all vegetables meal, but make it a few times a week, while keeping it interesting, delicious and presentable? I run out of ideas more often than I’d like to admit. Which are the ingrediets that work together the best, what is in season, what flavor will make a plain vegetable a delicious main course? There are so many things to consider. Every little advice helps and I think I found a book that is most useful yet.

Anna Jones, a cook and food writer who worked with Jamie Oliver, created “A Modern Way to Eat” to celebrate a whole-foods based approach to everyday cooking. Her philosophy is all about getting the most out of texture, colors and natural flavors of vegetable ingredients. She also promises to deliver recipes that can easily be thrown together in a short time.  The book includes of 200 recipes of vegetarian dishes.

a modern way to eat

The sections in the book include recipes for breakfast, lunches, suppers, snacks, sweets, jams and so on. Most are variation of familiar dishes in one or another way. All look appealing enough. Most of the ingredients are easily accessible. What I appreciate the most about this book though are “cheatsheets” on how to build a recipe, for example a basic recipe scheme is a “hero ingredient” and ways to cook it, with added options for flavors, accents, crunch etc. These chart are found throughout the book and are incredibly helpful.  Even if one doesn’t feel like picking a recipe, it’s easy to just look at the chart and work a new recipe on one’s own.

The photography is lovely, the book is quite stylish and will make an excellent gift. Five stars.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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