Week’s Roundup: June 7-June 14, 2015

Another week went by, and suddenly it’s half of June gone just like that.

Photo of the week:

Despite my protests they managed to sneak a book each to the table

Despite my protests they managed to sneak a book each to the table 😀

What were we up to this week?

  • We got a new sofa and curtains for the Sunflowerous House. It’s a pretty big deal, because I wanted a sectional since day one, and finally got it. Our reading time is so cosy now, we practically live there 🙂
  • C. started her summer ballet class. Her two friends are also in it, so she is very happy.
  • D. is almost recovered from his sickness and is doing ok in karate, although there were occasional moments of weakness. Dad took him roller blading today and he was happy and full of energy. So hopefully he will be fine from now on too.
  • We finally did art together again. Jean at Artful Parent blog shared oil pastels and oil painting, and we tried it out. D. especially loved it. I don’t think I personally work well with oil pastels, but we had fun.
D. is all about designing

D. is all about designing “specialty chess” these days, this one is Harry Potter inspired

C. and I went for the strawberry theme :)

C. and I went for the strawberry theme 🙂

  • D. had a very important event on Thursday. His choir helped Brit Floyd perform “Another Brick in the wall” in Red Rocks Amphitheater. Nearly 10 thousand people were there (in the rain too), so it was a lot of pressure for kids to do well, even if just for a minute. They were very professional on stage and behind the scenes. The view was great too, even if the sky was so angry that day.

Red ROcks Amphitheatre

  • C. and I started new embroidery projects, she learned chain stitch today with mixed results. I am trying to combine needle felting and embroidery for a larger project, as it worked ok on a hairpin:

needle felted and embroidered hair pin

I am also exploring washi tape and craft tape, I am absolutely in love with fabric-like tape in bright floral patterns. I made a couple of bookmarks and kids absolutely adored them

craft tape bookmarks

What are we reading? 

  • D. read How to Train your Dragon #7: How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm by Cressida Cowell. He continues to enjoy this series very much and him and C. continuously try to “spot a dragon” wherever they go.

how to train your dragon 7

He also read the remaining books of Amulet graphic novel series by Kazu Kibushi. C. read them as well and both kids are huge fans of these books.

Books 1-5

Books 1-5

Amulet book 6

D. has started Wildwood by Colin Meloy and got about halfway through, he loves it so far. One more book for me to tackle when he’s done 🙂


  • C. re-read a lot of her and D’s comics and she is in the middle of reading and re-reading her Bad Kitty books.
the latest addition to our Bad Kitty collection

the latest addition to our Bad Kitty collection

  • Together we started the most amazing series – The Kingdom of Silk by Glenda Millard. I found these books via Playing By the Book blog and I am so happy I did! The author is Australian, so the book wasn’t anywhere in our library system and stores haven’t heard of it. I had to order it especially from the UK.  We read the first book out of six “The Naming of Tishkin Silk” and all of us absolutely loved it. It does tackle a very difficult topic of death and grieving, but it is done in such a tactful way, the theme of overwhelming love is so strong in this book. Silk household is full of magic, all of us concluded that we would love to be friends with all of them. The kids of the book were also homeschoolers apparently before they had to go to school, so kids could relate to protagonists because of that too. There were some words unknown to us (Australian animals in particular), but it made reading all the more interesting. We can’t wait to start second book and we will do it tomorrow ( I am so glad I got all six books at once).

The Naming of Tishkin Silk

  • Mama reads: I am in the middle of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and I am absolutely in love with this book.


  • Reading in Russian: Д. читает сборник Паустовского “Корзина с еловыми шишками” (серия Классная Классика).

korzina s elovymi shishkamiС К. вместе прочли “Дикие Лебеди” Андерсена.

Something that caught by eye this week:

  • Slow Summer Mindset from Abundant Mama , I am so sick of stress and of being busy after our intense school year, especially because I am an introvert. And I am tired of not making memories  that would matter in the long run more than anything else. So I am determined to have a lovely, slow, relaxing summer.
  • At the same time I really should be planning our upcoming school year. And I have to start now precisely so I don’t go crazy trying to throw it all together in August. I got most of the curriculum that our Home Option program lends us and I will try to work on it in the following weeks.

No special plans for the next week aside from hopefully seeing dear friends and being outside weather permitting (so far it’s either brutal heat or torrential rain, plus ferocious mosquitos)


3 thoughts on “Week’s Roundup: June 7-June 14, 2015

  1. So very delighted that you’ve enjoyed the first of the Kingdom of Silk books – this makes me very happy! (as does seeing your family – just like mine – reading Amulet at meal times!)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Zoe! KoS is definitely a new favorite, I expect it to make rounds among our friends, it deserves to be more known. And too funny about Amulet series 🙂

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