Two Weeks Roundup: Goodbye May and first week of June, 2015

Sunflowerous summer is in full mode!

Such a bliss to wake up on some days and not have any plans at all!

Picture of the week:

our summer playground aka Roxborough State Park

our summer playground aka Roxborough State Park

What we’ve been up to so far:

  • Not many activities at home, we are mostly relaxing.  A couple of things are running through the summer, such as D’s karate and he has an event with choir coming up in June, as well as another in July. C. is signed up for summer ballet, once a week lessons starting this coming Friday. Frankly, I’d rather they didn’t have anything, but it’s my selfishness talking. But when a child loves something so much and begs to continue, how can I say “no”… besides we don’t have that much going on other than these little things.
  • Kids were outdoors everyday for hours. We went to Roxborough State Park with dear friends and had a lovely day there. We saw another friends and had awesome time. Unfortunately D. also got sick, he is getting better I think, but it’s not fun overall (doctor tells me it’s “just a virus”, but he got sick the day after he was severely bitten by mosquitos, so something to keep in mind when he’s well enough to stay out for a long time).
  • We planted our little patio garden, some plants are thriving and growing, some not so much.
  • We finished C’s room and got her all moved in.

Mama makes:

I have started to draw a little bit again.

I picked up needle felting again. I also reorganized my needle felting supplies, I saw a brilliant idea at one of the etsy blog posts, maybe everyone is doing it, but it’s new to me to see wool roving stored in jars. Anyway, I put all my roving in jars, and though it’s a lot of jars, I love how neat and tidy it looks now.

wool roving organizedI am also re-learning how to crochet. I have grand plans to discover lots of things I always wanted to try  this summer 😀  We’ll see how it all works out, but the goal is to make something each day, no matter how big or little. I have a couple of projects going on right now and I am excited to share them when they are completed.

I started collecting things that inspire me and will be posting a few every week. See last week here.

What are we reading:

Kids were mostly re-reading this week, plus graphic novels adventures

D. read the first installment of Alex Rider: Stormbreakers graphic novel (got it from the library reading program)

alex rider

3rd book of Amulet series “The Cloud Searchers” was another big hit

amulet #3

C. went through the second volume of Korgi, it’s called “Cosmic Collector”

korgi cosmic collector

I am also all about manga. I watched this amazing animated movie called Wolf Children, it’s one of the most touching stories about mother and her children, of sacrifice, of love and ultimately of the choice everyone has to face sooner or later. I loved the movie so much, I had to get manga too (story by Mamoru Hosoda and art by Yu) and I did, and I read it.  I loved manga as well.

wolf children mangaI am planning to read some of kids comics next as well.

In Russian:

We had a little event to celebrate Russian greatest poet- Alexander Pushkin. I haven’t seen how the translations yet (the collection of his translated poetry can be found here ) and it probably won’t be as significant for non-Russian speakers, but this poet revolutionized Russian language and basically made the form of it we use now a norm. Children love his fairy tales (especially C.), English summaries can be found here

There are lovely old animated movies for the fairy tales:

Fisherman and the Goldfish with English Subtitles can be found here 

The Tale of the dead princess and seven knights with English Subtitles is here (it’s very much like Snow-white, but her friends are taller :))

For my Russian speaking readers:

С детьми мы посмотрели фильм-биографию Пушкина.

Прочли “Как Пушкин русский язык изменил” Марины Улыбашевой (серия “Настя и Никита”), почитали стихи и сказки

Pushkin for  kids

Потом дети сделали Лего-иллюстрацию к “У Лукоморья дуб зеленый…”. Children did a little lego illustration to the famous Pushkin’s introduction to Ruslan and Lyudmila fairy tale “There’s a green oak-tree by the shores…”

all the main parts of the poem are there, the cat, the mermaid, the knights, the wood-spite, the tower of King Kitschy and even the knight holding to  a wizard's beard trying to fly away

all the main parts of the poem are there, the cat, the mermaid, the knights, the wood-spite, the tower of King Kitschy and even the knight holding to a wizard’s beard trying to fly away

It was lots of fun doing this little project with kids.

Something that fascinated us:

Old Books brought back to life in whimsical GIFs

Van Gough’s paintings get tilt-shifted


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