Week’s Roundup: April 14- April 19, 2015

Another week flew by, very busy, very intense! Glad it’s over. Even though there is another crazy 6 days ahead of us, I am looking forward to a little break in the end of it.

Photo of the week:

Gentle reminder that we live in Colorado and weather can be weird

Gentle reminder that we live in Colorado and the weather can be weird

How was our week?

  • At home: we managed again core subjects only. D. did a lot of vocabulary exercises, learned more about angles, read and re-read his favorite books. C. progresses nicely through her Kindergarten tasks. We got a good news from our co-op: she will be able to attend Friday classes with second and third graders next year instead of being in a contained classroom with the first grade. She is thrilled as her best friend is in second grade, as well as D.’s friend who is in third.


  • We went to Hudson’s Gardens, watched beautiful trees bloom and sketched from nature.
  •   D. successfully completed school tour with his choir- they visited a few schools in the area and sang for the children. As always they were wonderfully received and he was very happy he participated.
  • D. also had karate tournament on which he did well, even though he came fourth and didn’t received any medals. Yesterday’s experience at the tournament raised a few important questions and provoked discussion about learning how to lose. 
  • C. did well at her ballet class as well as at her swimming class.
  • Both children and their friends, piano students of my mom’s, performed at our traditional home concert today. It was such a delight listening to all of the kids.

home concert

  • There is a breakthrough with C.’s health issue. This problem left us frustrated and helpless for a long time. We were able to meet a wonderful doctor, and the treatment seems to be working at last. It is not over yet, but she is better and hopefully her problem will be gone for good.

Mama makes:

Today was the first time I was able to sit down and craft a little bit. So relaxing and I missed it so much! I tried to make “inchies” for the first time. I was inspired by my favorite “coloring book for adults” by Johanna Basford and made magnets with secret garden theme in mind.

polymer clay inchies secret garden

There was a lot of re-reads this week and most of the books I’ve mentioned in latest posts. Hopefully next week we will tackle the pile of books I’ve brought from the library.

Plans for the week to come are already made, usual classes, my parents are leaving to spend the summer in Motherland, doctor for C., co-op Friday for kids . I hope I won’t be too exhausted to do work on some overdue cleaning projects in the house, then after that there are  rehearsals for both kids…I am looking forward to the following Sunday because there’s nothing on my calendar and I need a break.

I will also have to re-assess my household set-up as there will be budget adjustments and different way of planning meals when my parents leave. For now though I will stop and hope my head will stop spinning.

P.S. Apparently it’s my hundredth post on this blog, yay! 😀


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