Two weeks roundup: March 30- April 12, 2015

What a whirlwind!

Photo of the week:

Spring has officially came and settled in

Spring has officially came and settled in

What were we up to:

  • Lots of dealing with health issues for everybody. Some news were good, some were not so pleasant. Hopefully we will overcome all the unpleasant moments soon.
  • School at home was ok. We did way less than I have planned, because of all the running around seeing doctors. But we did what we could, mostly core subjects and some art here and there. D. practiced writing some poetry (for National Poetry Month) – acrostic and alliteration exercises and kids put together a Book Spine Poetry pile. D. also wrote and mailed an essay for the local contest, the theme was “crossovers” and it amused me, that his first essay that he sent into the world is basically fanfiction.
  • School outside of home: D. had a special choir event that lasted two days, he and his friends did very well at the final concert. We went hiking, and such joy it brings every time! Just being in nature, noticing changes that season brings, wonderful.


  • Things that fascinated us: Timothy Doner’s Why I taught myself 20 languages was a  very interesting read, especially because I am a language enthusiast myself (although I am nowhere near this person’s accomplishment). D. was so impressed he begged me to order a proper Japanese learning book for children so he can learn together with me. We will see what happens, but I am glad he’s interested.
  • We quietly celebrated both Easter here and Russian Orthodox one. This is the first year we haven’t really done anything special, not even a colored eggs (save for two that kids painted),  it tells something about our stress levels for sure.
  • Quarter of 2015 has passed and so far, when it comes to assessing my goal (“harmony”) progress I can say that I’m failing miserably at making “harmony” a priority. We are constantly on the run, and overall atmosphere at home, now that my parents are almost ready to go back to Motherland, is rather chaotic. I have to find ways to return to a state of zen. So far I’ve done nothing but wasting the little free time I have on Houzz looking at ways to improve our home. Ugh…

Mama makes:

The only little thing I’ve created is a felt decoration for our Easter table

felt bird hanging decorationWhat are we reading:

  • D. is reading I Lived on Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosín, it’s a story of a Chilean girl Celeste that escapes a turmoil in her country by being sent to America.

I lived on butterfly hill

He also got Amulet:The Stonekeeper #1, it’s a graphic novel by Kazu Kibuishi, the story is about siblings trying to find their mother that was kidnapped by a tentancled monster. D. already begs for the second installment.

amulet stonekeeper

  • C. chose The Gardener by Sara Stewart and David Small as her “spring read”, and it is such a lovely, touching story and the art is amazing.

the gardener

She also enjoyed her new book Once Upon a Cloud, created by Claire Keane, who worked on Tangled and Frozen. The story is simple enough, a little girl wants to give her mother a perfect present and goes on a trip in the sky, and  the art is absolutely amazing.

once upon a cloudC’s picture book of the week is Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by Nick Bruel. She loves Bad Kitty series, and how she laughed while reading this book was absolutely priceless. Now that she gets to be a more confident reader, she finds books she can share with D., like this one. D. hasn’t read this one and how they were talking about it together – oh, I could just sit and watch them forever.

Bad kitty gets a bath

  • Mama reads: I have started Hayao Miyazaki’s Starting Point (1979-1996), I have always been curious about process of creating such amazing movies as those released by Studio Ghibli.

starting point

  • Reading in Russian: Читаем Марцелинка: В Поисках Самого Главного Януша Вишневского


и Стихи Русских Поэтов (Библиотека Младшего Школьника)


Quick round up of things we did in March:


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