BOOK REVIEW: The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl+Spoon by Sara Forte

The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl+Spoon is second book of author and blogger Sara Forte.  Her previous work The Sprouted Kitchen received great praise, so I was doubly curious about this cookbook.The concept is very attractive to me: delicious, healthy dishes combined in a single bowl. Something simple enough to throw together in a hurry, yet attractive enough to serve guests. This book didn’t disappoint. It celebrates wholesome, fresh ingredients, selected and cooked with love and care.  It encourages people to share preparation of meals and to sit down to eat together despite crazy rhythm of life.


The book starts with the list of simple tools necessary to prepare a nutritious meal. The list of pantry essentials follows. First section of the book is dedicated to breakfast, Morning Bowls. It includes egg dishes, grains, toasts- with an emphasis on lean proteins. Side Bowls follow.  This section includes salads and dips. Big Bowls include omnivore (well, mostly fish and a bit of poultry) and vegetarian options. “Building a bowl” cheat sheet is included in this section. I do believe it would be more noticeable in the beginning of the book as it applies to all bowls, save for desserts. Next section is Sweet Bowls, the selection is fresh and delightful, proving once again that healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  The final section is Dressing and Sauces, it includes a handful of recipes that go with recipes in the book and are designed to enhance flavor  and complement the dish.

Overall impression: A very interesting selection, I appreciate the thought of making healthy food a convenient choice and of creating atmosphere for meaningful meals. As an avid carnivore, I do miss meat options in Big Bowl, other than just one turkey and one chicken recipe there is nothing else, but at the same time it fits author’s philosophy. I appreciate number of grains/veggies combinations. I loved the Sweet Bowl section. The photography, done by Forte’s husband is gorgeous and inviting. Four solid stars.

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review


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