Week’s Roundup: March 23- March 29, 2015

We had the most busy, most crazy week. But it was fun.

Picture of the week:

When you see this guys smiling from the grass you know the spring is here

When you see this guys smiling from the grass you know the spring is here

Even if next day it looks like this again (for a short while)

Even if next day it looks like this again (for a short while)

What did we do this week:

  • We are still doing school, but taking it easy. Children do not protest and manage to do their work well. hey read a lot, D. practiced adding and substracting decimals, he also freshened up his memory about various types of angles. C. had her first dictation in Russian and did very well, D.’s dictation review went well also. In English D. was catching up on his reading journals, he worked on some compound subjects and predicates for grammar. C. continues working on her spelling and using words in sentences.
  • We had a bunch of field trips this week : Denver Museum of Nature and Science (and we started our Silk Road study after the exhibit), we also went to Denver Mint and learned a lot about making coins

denver mint

  • We also went to Lookout Mountain Nature Center and Preserve for the first time and enjoyed time spent there very much.
  • D. had a karate exam, he looked very very good. We should find out if he gets a new belt in a week or two.
  • C. didn’t have ballet, a little break here.
  • Favorite memory: kids playing questions car game and D. becoming more and more of a trusted mentor for C. I absolutely love how their relationship is evolving.

What we are reading:

This post contains links to IndieBound which I’m affiliated with. Should you choose to purchase a book following a link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

    • D. read

The Underneath by Kathi Appelt
, he enjoyed it, although it had very sad moments. It got him reflecting on the way some people treat animals and how friendship helps one overcome tough times.

Flower Fairies of the Garden by Cicely Mary Barker
, she simply adores her Flower Fairies books, and takes them everywhere.

  • Mama reads Percy Jackson and the Olympians as per darling D.’s request. Slowly, but surely getting through this book. 🙂
  • In Russian: Д. читает Пеппи Длинныйчулок. К. читала рассказы Бианки и Новое платье короля (вслух всем нам, да с выражением!).

Mama makes:

Polymer clay adventures continue. I made a couple more magnets to give my friends. Absolutely in love with the medium.

polymer clay magnets

I also made a little fairy tower. The jar was too small to make it a candle holder, so it’s just a little house to put on our bookshelf. The roof continues to be a challenge for me, but I will get it one day.

polymer clay fairy tower

This past week was so insane, I am ready to relax a little bit. This one should be more mellow in terms of schedule, but lots of health stuff to do.


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