BOOK REVIEW: Salad Love by David Bez

The spring is here at last, spring means greens and greens mean more greener plates. David Bez’s Salad Love is a book dedicated to just that- salads!

salad love by david bez

David Bez  is not a professional chef. He’s a designer and a blogger. He is  a guy who likes his salads so much he  came up with many ways to make greens interesting. Salad Love includes 260 recipes for fun, delicious and nutritious salads.  Bez’s philosophy is simple- he’s all for freshly prepared, fair trade and organic when possible. His salads are prepared in minutes (some with, some without pre-cooked ingredients) and he actually does it right at his workplace.

The book is split into sections starting with basics for salad assemblage, main components, dressings and tools. All of these are easily accessible and easy to put together. Dressings are split by type which is helpful- jump to vinegar, creamy or pesto page to get a quick recipe. After the introduction the book is separated into four sections- each for a separate season starting with summer.  Selection of recipes includes seasonal fruit and vegetables, grains and meats. Each recipe is marked as “omnivore” “vegan” and so on, which is, again, very helpful. There is also a little note on each recipe for someone who wants to “tweak” the salad according to one’s dietary preferences. These salads are very simple (as Bez’s stance on ingredients is “the less the better”). They are colorful and flavorful, never boring.

Overall impression: I like this book and I am excited about new salad possibilities. I appreciate the simplicity of combinations and ease with which these salads can be created. I wonder how my family (that is mostly reluctant to “eat grass”) will react to some of these dishes.  The photography is simple and unaffected. Four solid stars.

This book was sent to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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