Week’s Roundup: March 2-March 8, 2015

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Another week flew by, the air is thawing and snow is melting. I’m sure there are a few snowstorms to enjoy before summer comes, but for now we are basking in the sun.

Photo of the week:

guests on our lawn. It was so funny, how the crows that live in the surrounding trees were upset that geese came. There was a lot of talking between the birds.

guests on our lawn. It was so funny, how the crows that live in the surrounding trees were upset that geese came. There was a lot of talking between the birds.

What we did

  • School at home went so-so, children did all of their work, but the enthusiasm levels were low and there was more whining than usual. We did mostly routine work for core subjects and freshened up knowledge about atoms and molecules for science.
  • Children auditioned for the Talent Show in our homeschooling co-op, they will each play a piano piece plus there will be a duet. So many kids turned up for the auditions, I am excited to see how the performance will go.
  • D. participated in his dojo’s presentation at Japanese Doll Festival, we had a wonderful time there. Check out my post about it here.

What I made:

If it isn’t wool it’s clay nowadays 😀 I finally got the colored one and experimented y making another mini lantern, this time for my mother

strawberry house

strawberry house

And if it isn’t clay, it’s wool. I made this sakura blossom hair clip for little C.

some spring to put on :)

some spring to put on 🙂

What we’ve been reading:

he consumed this book so fast, he was begging to read the third one the next day. He enjoys this book very much, but I’m glad he read the myths first. Now he can go to the myths book if there is something that isn’t quite clear, or if he forgot. It is also fun to discuss which is more intense- Percy Jackson or the original. I will have to pre-read the following installments though. I’ve been told it gets darker and D. is only 9 after all.

    • C. picked  The Complete Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem as her read of the week. We already had a set of “seasons” Brambly Hedge books, and I was delighted to find out HarperCollins just re-published the whole collection. We read Spring Story and, as always, enjoyed detailed illustrations of English countryside mice.

In other publishing news, I  found out that When the Sky is Like Lace by Elinor Lander Horwitz and Barbara Cooney has just been re-published too. This is such a delightful book, I already ordered it I’m looking forward to read it to kiddos again on a bimulous night. This book was so expensive to buy used that I didn’t dare,so I’m very happy now.

Also, those that read about our reading adventures know how much my family loves adventures of Pettson and Findus, and lo! I just saw the first book of the series on a bookshelf in my favorite local bookstore. NorthSouth published it back in September 2014, apparently, very exciting, and these books need to be promoted more in US.
Findus Disappears! by Sven Nurdqvist

  • In Russian: Д. читает “Магистр Рассеянных Наук” ВЛадимира Лёвшина. Пока непонятно дочитает ли всю трилогию, но утверждает, что нравится.

magistr rasseyannyh nauk

К. читает сборник Волшебное Слово (изд-во Русич)

volshebnoe slovo

    • Mama reads: I finished  Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, it was an easy read. It reminded me a lot about Joanne Harris’ books and Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman (indeed the setting is almost identical).

Surprisingly, I went through two books I prepared for the first two weeks of March in less than a week, so I went out and got a bunch of classics I meant to read for a long time. We’ll see how those go.

Last, but not least, today is International Women’s Day, it’s a big deal in Russia, but not here, and yet many countries celebrate it. So Happy International Women Day, ladies!

international women day

Here’s to a fantastic second week of March!


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