Week’s Roundup: February 16-February 22, 2015

Another busy week went by.

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Photo of the week:

I was surprised to find first tiny leaves right next to my doorstep, it was such a sweet sight, especially because and hour later...

I was surprised to find first tiny leaves right next to my doorstep, it was such a sweet sight, especially because and hour later…

the blizzard descended, almost a day late, but fierce enough.

the blizzard descended, almost a day late, but fierce enough.

What did we do this week:

  • We had a decent learning week at home, D. learned more about converting fractions to decimals and hundreds, C. was all about mysteries of addition and substraction. For English D. wrote a couple of book reports and worked on his vocabulary, C. worked on her spelling. For Russian D. wrote an essay based on an art piece, C. was writing her owns stories, most of them were about root vegetables for some reason 😀
  • Monday we had a spontaneous Arctic study day, playing included 🙂
  • It was Pluto day Wednesday, D. and C. read about that and discussed why it’s no longer considered a planet. I talked to them about the book written by Mike Brown “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming”, which was fascinating read. D. will be old enough to read it in just a couple of  years, I think.
  • Thursday D. had his MAPS testing and did well. C. had hers on Friday, don’t know the results yet.
  • Thursday we also had a little Lunar Year Event.
  • Saturday most of kids’ activities were cancelled due to the snow storm (which came later than expected, C. would totally made it to ballet and back, *sigh*), but D. had karate. All of the afternoon we were sitting at home watching the snow coming down.


We played games, read and listened to the music

do we have a meat theme here :D

do we have a meat theme here 😀

  • Today we enjoyed the snowstorm again , did a bit of school and learned about  Frederick Chopin, we read Frederic Chopin by Mike Venezia and listened to some amazing music. The piece that got kids the most fascinated was Minute Waltz.

Mama makes:

Later Saturday afternoon I remembered how much I wanted to make some polymer clay creations. I already made some tiny clay houses a couple of weeks ago  out of air dry clay, no the time of Sculpey has come. It was fun to work with and I love the results, I will do better next time. The inspiration for this project comes from JessicaJane Handmade blog, her little houses are absolutely adorable. I also made a snail and a bunny.

polymer clay bunny

my very first creation

polymer clay snail

polymer clay house 1

polymer clay house

What we read:

the hungry clothes

  • C. read Richard Scarry’s The Best Read It Yourself Book

the best read it yourselfToday she picked Uri Shulevitz’s Snow, it was quite fitting considering the weather.

uri shulevitz snow

One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth (oh how my kids love Percy the Park Keeper!) is our before bed read tonight.

one snowy night

  • In Russian: Д. читал Летающий Мальчик. В. Каверин, очень увлеченно.

Летающий Мальчик

К. читала Рассказы Л.Н. Толстого “Косточка”


  • Mama reads: I have finished all my left-over books, except for one. The new book friend I’m getting to know this week is Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch, see review here.
  • I did quite a book shopping this week, these should hold me over for the month of March for sure 🙂 I also have a couple of orders coming from Book Depository in a week or two.

book haul

I got a new coloring book Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford (her Secret Garden is best when I need to calm down), a lovely treat for myself (and kids, but they don’t know it yet).

So happy now I got the set

So happy now I got the set

That was our week, crazy, but fun. The next one should be a bit more relaxing, so looking forward to that. More snow is coming, I’m told, it seems the winter remembered our corner of the world at last.

Hope the weather is nice for everybody.


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