BOOK REVIEW: Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch

I have a great passion for art (even if I’m only a beginner myself),  that’s why I was excited to receive Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch. Watercolor as a medium is great, but somehow it always seemed intimidating to me. Hopefully, this book will help me learn how to make my watercolor paintings more magical.

Just add watercolor

The structure of the book: The book is not big in size, slightly larger than a postcard (approx. 7,5 inches by 5 inches/ 15×10 cm), it has a very simple layout- there is a painting on the right side and short analysis of the technique on the left. The analysis includes tips on how to create similar effect and information about medium used. The mediums explored include Traditional Watercolor, Guache, Digital, Mixed Media, Other water-based media, and  non-paper media. All of these sections are color coded, which is helpful for a quick search. There is also section on watercolor basics at the very end.

I enjoyed going through this book very much. If I have to have one complaint it would probably be the size of the book. While it’s convenient to carry around, some paintings have tiny details that I’d love to explore if they were a bit larger. This book is very pretty, so many inspiring projects! Information on how each painting was created straightforward and easy to understand. I went “Aaaah, that’s how” a few times already, and I’m still reading it. I have started using it already and I’m sure my art will get better and better with this book’s help.

My attempt to create wet-on-wet monochrome painting

My attempt to create wet-on-wet monochrome painting

Overall impression: This book is lovely to look at,and is absolutely helpful for a beginner like me, I imagine it will be useful for an experienced artist as well. Excellent gift for anyone who’s interested in art. Five Stars

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


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