Arctic play

Today, there is so much snow outside, we can’t go out due to C. having very strong sniffles still. So we had a spontaneous Arctic study.

I picked up North: The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration by Nick Dawson, illustrated Patrick Benson (affiliated link to book depository) at the library the other day

North picture book

and it proved to be just the right thing for little C. who’s fascinated with Arctic animals at the moment. D. read about the voyage of Pytheas  to the northern seas in Into the Unknown by Stewart Ross, illustrated by Stephen Biesty  (affiliated link to book depository).

into the unknown

We looked at the map of Arctic and Antarctic in our Maps book. We also read in Russian about types of movable houses nomadic people of Polar Regions make, also about igloos (“Дома мира” Ольги Колпаковой- Серия Настя и Никита).

After that C. drew a picture of whales migrating to the Arctic Ocean.

arctic migration drawing

In the end of the day kids created a lovely play scene on the floor- as always nothing more than a blanket and colorful pebbles in addition to our stash of Schleich animals. Well, actually we did use old towels to create icebergs and C. insisted that we have Antarctic too, a couple of magical creatures joined the party and Lego Flynn Rider was on his way to shore (but he was careful to avoid a hungry orca)

Arctic children play

We made some ice to see if our animals can ride on the iceberg. We kind of failed here, because our iceberg was only half frozen, still kids had tons of fun playing with water

drifting :)

drifting 🙂

the hungry orca

the hungry orca

That was our spontaneous Arctic Day (it’s quite cold outside too, if the weather keeps we might be lucky enough to try and build a snow fort tomorrow).

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ETA: Movies to watch

Arctic Tale Trailer

To The Arctic Trailer


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