Week’s Roundup: February 9-February 15, 2015

What a busy week!

Photo of the week: 

First gold for D.!

First gold for D.!

What we did:

  • We had a more or less regilar week at home, learning wise.  Children were sick one after another (nothing bad, but they were cranky and weepy). For English D. managed to finish writing grandpa’s biography , C. worked on her spelling and handwriting. For math D. learned about symmetry and lines, rays and segments, he also worked on converting fractions to decimals. For history we repeated what we learned earlier in the year about pre-historic people and first cities. Both kids did well with their music, D. practiced violin and C. learned how to play Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star as a duet with grandma. We did a little bit of geography- mostly repeating what we know about 50 states and doing geography pizzles on iPad.
  • We had a Galileo Galilei study today, it was fun.
  • The most important thing that happened this week is that D. got his first gold in a karate tournament. And it was in a challenging part of the competition too! I am so proud of him for his hard work, for his concentration and ability to spar not only bravely, but also smartly- his combinations were amazing, he used his opponent’s weaknesses and he even used opponents coaches’ advice for his own benefit. He was also graceful, thanking his opponents for the good fight every time in addition to the customary bowing. He also got bronze for forms, he looked great up on the ring.
  • C. did well on her ballet and mastered a difficult move.
  • My only (very tiny) regret this week is that we didn’t do a special event for Valentine’s Day at home. I planned to do some art projects, but the tournament was the same day and considering the success, we didn’t even remember that it’s Valentine’s Day until almost bedtime. 😀 But we did have a cake.  Children had a little celebration in their homeschooling co-op on Friday, they made boxes and prepared valentines for their friends. It was fun to see them opening their “mailboxes” later in the day and marveling at the amount of notes and sweets they received. First time for C. and she was ecstatic.
  • We had a gorgeous weather all week, but it is snowing right now.

Mama makes

It was a very productive week crafts-wise for me

First, I made more hairpins for C. and her friends

Valentine's hairpins

Valentine’s hairpins

But the project I am most excited about is a mini-fairy house in a cup. I got the idea from adorable fairy house I saw on etsy, so inspiring. Here’s my first try of making something similar.

Little fairy house and a snail decorate my bookshelf now

Little fairy house and a snail decorate my bookshelf now

What we’re reading this week:

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  • D. read Spirit Animals : Tales of the Great Beasts, he enjoys the series very much indeed.
  • C. chose Ponyo Picture Book as her “read of the week”
  • In Russian: Д. читает “Капитан Врунгель” А. Некрасова, К. читает “Винни-Пух и все, все, все”. Я читаю “Лето, бабушка и я” Тинатин Мжаванадзе- очень нравится, светлая, добрая, смешная.
  • Mama reads: I picked up The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara from the library and so far enjoy it, even if I have to stop after a few and take a breath.

Things I did just for me:

Yoga again, but other than that, nothing much, this week was a whirlwind.

I have a special challenge for the next week and it is to find time and properly study the language I’m working on now. Hope I can do it.

Hopefully the next week will be calmer and everyone is healthy.


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