Week’s Roundup: Goodbye January 2015

Wow, January flew by and we are almost at the edge of winter, unbelievable, I feel it was just yesterday I was preparing the Advent Calendar, and it’s time to think about spring again.

The last week in January was busy , but we got through it.

Photo of the week:

It feels so good to do art again!

It feels so good to do art again!

What were we up to:

  • It was a regular school week more or less, I re-enrolled kids into our home option program for the next year. In order to do that  we had to raise an inevitable question- shall we do home school next year as well? Participating in the program gives kids a general idea what it would be like to go to a public school, so it was more or less conscious choice for them. Both said a firm “yes” to homeschooling. I am very glad. I am so grateful I can take this journey with my children. If they said no, I would have accepted that, but I’m excited about new things we will learn together next year.
  • Speaking of our home option program experience, D. had his first personal encounter with a bully this week. Sadly there is such a child in the program, and he went from being generally unpleasant to his classmates to physically harming them. After D. told me what happened I could see how it could have ended with a considerable injury. Not ok.  D. was able to keep his composure and I’m proud of him for not getting into fight. But my boy was quite shocked by the unfairness of the situation and we are meeting the principal in a couple of days to see how we shall proceed.
  • D. had additional practice as another karate tournament is approaching, C. had fun at the ballet. New program for choir is being learned. All is well here.
  • We had a hot Tuesday and then it was snowing all of the last night. The summer temperatures will be back sometimes next week. Amazing how here in CO  we can jump from season to season in few short days.
  • We had a lovely time learning about Mozart this week and did  art together.

What are we reading:

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wind in the willows

mercy watson mercy watson

  • We read a lot about Mozart together too
  • Mama reads: I caved in and started Outlander  by Diana Gabaldon, reviews among my friends for this book contradict each other so much, I have to see why 🙂 So far it’s entertaining enough, but there are 8 books! Wow, this fact alone reminds me a lot of Angelique series which I enjoyed  and which was so thoroughly researched it actually helped with my French History Classes when I went to college. We’ll see how it goeswith Outlander, but I’m always there for a good romance with a twist of time travel.
  • In Russian: Д. читает Сат-Ок. Земля Солёных Скал. Все время зачитывает нам особо интересные моменты вслух.

сат ок

К. читает про Петсона всю неделю.petson_grustit

Perepoloh v ogorode

Things I did just for me:

I went to yoga class, it felt so good, it’s been so long. I promised myself to go more often, it’s just not the same if I only practice at home.

Thoughts on our adventures in January:

It was a good month, we went to interesting places, we eased back into school at home and outside of home. I did fair amount of crafts and got to draw a little bit. Kids played as well as learned. We cleaned up our house quite well, although there is still work to do. There is room for improvement– D. wants to get together with friends more often, I need to get my sleep schedule adjusted. Little C. is perfect, but she does wake up at 6 am and won’t stay down and we have to do something about that. :p

Posts that received the best response in January:

Hope February is kind to everyone!


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