Mozart week in Sunflowerous House

This past Tuesday, January 27, was birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Sunflowerous kids love Mozart. It was first composer C. started to recognize without fail every time when she was very little. We listen to Mozart quite a lot. So naturally, we decided to celebrate the composer’s birthday in out own little way.

Mozart for children

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First of all we read Mozart’s biography: Mozart by Mike Venezia includes all the major facts, portraits and even funny comics.

mozart D. wrote down interesting facts in his  notebook (left side is for facts and milestones, right one is a log of pieces we listened to).

mozart notebook

D. drew Mozart’s portraits for his notebook and one just for fun.


We listened to our favorite pieces.

Twelve Variations to “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman” (C. had to rush upstairs and bring her most beloved bedtime book Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star illustrated by Jerry Pinkney, to look at pictures while we listen)

Then we listened to Sonata in D for Two Pianos, I absolutely adore this piece, and so do children.

A couple of days later we discussed opera and what it actually is (little C. was disappointed it was not ballet with singing) and explored the difference between serious and comic operas. We read The Magic Flute by Kyra Teis to get the idea of the story.

the magic flute

I was surprised to find the  BBC animation on youtube, children enjoyed watching it. After they were done watching the animation, we watched clips from the actual opera :

Queen of the Night Aria and Papagena! Papagena!

Kids loved it, Opera Colorado will have The Magic Flute on stage in May, but I’m not sure yet if we will go.

We also read Mozart find a melody by Stephen Constanza, cute story based on a true fact.

mozart finds a melody

We listened to Piano Concerto No.17 in G major after we read the book.

C. loves dancing to Mozart, she spins and twirls and leaps all around the room.

Dancing to Mozart

The final accord in our Mozart celebration was “painting to Mozart”, I just put our enormous Mozart Playlist on  and asked kids to paint whatever they feel.

First paintings were done calmly sitting at the table, the last ones were done with two brushes and while dancing around 😀

splashes of color

splashes of color

D.'s Magic flute inspired illustration and "torn notes"

D.’s Magic flute inspired illustration and “torn notes”

C.'s 'Mozart garden"

C.’s ‘Mozart garden”

final "Dancing splash" by C.

final “Dancing splash” by C.

"Dancing splash" by D.

“Dancing splash” by D.

I tried to paint to the music too, and all I see when I listen to Mozart is flowers, spring and summer.

Mozart garden by me

Mozart garden by me

We had lots of fun learning about our favorite composer.

A couple of our other favorites by Mozart:

Oboe Concerto in C

Concerto No.21 in C major

Violin Sonata in C major


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