Week’s Roundup: Jan.19-25, 2015

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Wow, this week was intense! This will be a long post, as I plainly didn’t have time to make smaller ones during the week.

Photo of the week:

Butterfly pavillion

Made lovely memories in the Butterfly Pavilion

What did we do:

  • School at home was so-so, we got most of our work done, but there was also a fair amount of whining, bargaining attempts and general unwillingness to cooperate.
  • Activities are ok, D’s choir re-started, he’s very happy about it.
  • D. had a field trip to Hiwan Homestead in Evergreen and had a marvelous time, there was no room for parents or younger siblings to attend, but we will definitely come back in the summer, there is a bunch of attractive open space parks in the vicinity too.
  • Wednesday was a very snowy day, and although it did not interfere with D’s field trip, we did miss our turn on our way back and had to drive some extra time in the snow. The evening was horrible though, D. and his dad were trying to get to karate and got stuck in the worst traffic jam in our 8 years in Denver Area. It took them 2 hours to get out of it and another 1,5 to get home. At least they made it in one piece, thankful for that, so many accidents that day 😦
  • We cleaned up another spot in our house- children’s closet. I was appalled by the amount of clothes they have after we pulled it all together (this pile includes outgrown garments)
what a mountain!

what a mountain!

We managed to sort it well and share those in good condition with friends. I continue using The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up as a general guide and author’s way of folding clothes proved to be much better indeed. It was not difficult for children to learn how to do it and towards the end of our cleaning up session they could manage it on their own.

C. folded her tops and now she can see them well :)

C. folded her tops and now she can see them well 🙂

Amazing how many hangers are now hanging empty

Amazing how many hangers are now hanging empty

  • The warm weather is back  and today we went to the Butterfly Pavilion, many thanks to our dear friends for inviting us. Children enjoyed this trip very much indeed. D. was especially popular with the butterflies, six landed on him- a record among our company. C. and her friend were first in line to pet Rosie the Tarantula, D. had to think about, but in the end held the spider and was glad he did.
this is my favorite picture, even though the butterfly's wings are moving.

this is my favorite picture, even though the butterfly’s wings are moving.

What did I make:

This week was quite craftsy for me. First I tried my hand in embroidering paper. It was a pain, to be honest. Maybe my paper was too thick. I like the result, a bookmark, but I definitely prefer embroidering on fabric.

embroidered bookmark

I also made hairpins for C. and her friend L.  for today’s trip to the butterflies. It was so much fun to make and girls were happy to wear them.

C.'s pin

C.’s pin

pin for C's friend

pin for C’s friend

What we read:

  • D. went and bought The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series) by Rick Riordan with his own money. His verdict is “ok”. He is huge fan of Greek Mythology and he admitted he likes myths way better.
  • C. read Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo and loved it.
  • Mama reads: I received a lovely cookbook and spent my week perusing it.
  • In Russian: Д. с большим удовольствием читает Мифы Древней Греции. Николай Кун, изд-во Эксмо. К. читает “Живая Шляпа” , рассказы Носова. Вместе продолжаем читать сказы Бажова.

Things I did just for me:

  • I took  care of my skin this week. I ordered a bunch of products from Korea during past few months, but found it hard to spend time for something other than routine care. This week was all about masks and packs, and it feels very nice.
  • I hang up cute lights in my bedroom. The space above my bed was always so empty as I couldn’t decide what to put there. I saw cute lights in IKEA and bought them on a whim. I love it so much, even if there’s only one strand.
  • lights bedroom

Blog posts I liked a lot:

Tree Weaving Art something we need to do ASAP 🙂

Balloons in the Snow cool experiment

10 Cozy Winter Recipes, deliciousness

Playing with Loose Parts at Home, excellent post!

Washi Tape Peg Dolls mega cute

Pros and Cons of Online Colleges, for us it’s still far away (or is it, really?), but I like to be prepared 🙂

Whew, hopefully the next week will be nice and peaceful. )


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