Week’s Roundup: Jan.12-Jan.18

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Whew, what a week it was. So long and busy it seemed.

Picture of the week:

This little friend couldn't get enough of a pumpkin left over since Thanksgiving Day

This little friend couldn’t get enough of a pumpkin left over since Thanksgiving Day

What did we do:

  • We said goodbye to out holiday tree (at last!) and I am very glad I had time to sort and organize our holiday decorations.
  • We cleaned and organized our homeschool work zone.
  • Children started their swimming classes again. Little C. was grumbling a bit about not going into the cold pool, but did her best in the end.
  • D.’s bag, lost in the tournament venue was found! We had to drive to Colorado Springs to retrieve it, but the trip was absolutely worth it- we saw some lovely snowy trees on our way back
  • We had a very nice Appreciate a Dragon weekend.
  • Kids did well in co-op (and I was able to catch a break) and saw some friends too.

What are we reading:

We went through our Dragon Book Pile. In addition to that D. is reading My Side of the Mountain by Jean Graighead George and is absolutely fascinated with Sam’s adventures.

my side of the mountain

C. is reading Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel

frog and toad are friends

Mama reads:

I went through a very nice cookbook this week. I also received an absolutely delightful Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe by Yumi Sakugawa. To tell the truth, I don’t usually read a lot of self-improvement books (not because there’s nothing to improve though :p), so I bought this one for the art. But I’m loving it so much. The advice is brief and is accompanied by lovely ink  illustrations (Yumi Sakugawa is a famous comics artists), the words are simple and kind. I’ve been reading a little bit every night before bed – wonderful way to end my day.

your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe

I am also re-reading The Hunger Games Trilogy (I need to get in the mood of dystopian fiction, there’s a bunch of recommendations in my inbox and I can’t get to them). Ugh, ugh, I need to see the third movie already!


К. не выпускает из рук стихи Токмаковой и Маяковского. Д. перечитал Малыш и Карлсон. Вместе читаем Серебрянное Копытце Бажова.

Next week will pick up steam as our other activities start and D. has a field trip coming up. And I’m astonished to see that most of the January flew by.

Our last week’s round up can be found here

Hope next week is happy and healthy for everybody!


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