Appreciate a Dragon at Sunflowerous House

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The weekend was spent appreciating dragons: we watched both How To Train Your Dragon movies, read our dragon books. And played some games:

1. Kids created Dragon Realms with a box of blocks, their favorite Schleich Dragons and two sets of decorative glass pebbles  and marbles:

Ocean Dragon

Ocean Dragon

the Ruin Guardian

the Ruins Guardian

And finally, my favorite White Dragon Palace

white dragon palace

The Palace Master himself, I especially love the pearl under his paw :)

The Palace Master himself, I especially love the pearl under his paw 🙂

They played for hours and this game didn’t require a lot of resources or effort on my part, I just gave them pebbles and the rest they did themselves. If there are no pebbles at home, tight balls of kitchen foil can be painted or just used as is for treasure. My children are old enough to play with small pieces, but for the littlest dragon lovers I would recommend Duplo blocks, they are colorful and hard to choke on.

2. Children worked on coloring their Coloring Dragons panorama (created by John Howe of The Lord of the Rings movies). It is not finished yet, and I imagine it will take them some time to complete, but they are completely delighted with this coloring book, and so am I 🙂 (I first saw this coloring book at Magic Onions blog, thank you!)

even little C. who is not overly fond of coloring does a careful job here :)

even little C. who is not overly fond of coloring does a careful job here 🙂

3. While I was looking at the web for some math games with dragons, children invented one of their own- using the same glass pebbles. Children separated those by color, counted them, assigned each pile to a dragon and then compared who has more and is therefore the greediest dragon alive. Another game they played- they played treasury when one can come to the treasurer and borrow an amount of magic pebbles with the condition to return them later. Addition, substraction, comparison. I just sat back and watched 🙂

4. We finished our day with shadow game: kids cut out some dragons out of black paper (using  The Art of How to Train Your Dragon for inspiration) and then put up a little shadow puppet show. (too bad my camera sort of failed me here)

dragon shadow puppets

So this is how we spent our Appreciate a Dragon Weekend!

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