Book Review: A Good Food Day by Marco Canora

The book I’m reviewing today is A Good Food Day by Marco Canora.

A good food day

Marco Canora is a critically acclaimed chef and the owner of the restaurant “Hearth”. Marco himself was forced to re-evaluate his eating habits after receiving alarming results of his blood tests. He was ready to change his lifestyle, but was not ready to sacrifice the enjoyment of eating food that tastes great. He chose, instead, to enjoy wholesome, healthy food of the highest quality. A Good Food Day is a cookbook just about that– simple, delicious food that is good for you. In this book Canora explores common healthy diet guidelines (i.e. good fat vs. bad fat, LGI, Omega-3 and so on), and offers a variety of recipes for each of these. His main principles are eating good food and enjoying it.

The format: The book is split into the following sections: Breakfast, Salads, Vegetables, Beans and Lentils, Great Grains, Fish, Meat and Poultry, Snacks, Sweets. Altogether there are 125 recipes in this book. Breakfast sections contains shakes, cereals, egg recipes and a couple of baked items . I was excited to see him praising buckwheat cereal- it’s a wonderful, mega-good for you grain and such a staple in my culture. I’m glad it’s getting more attention these days. Salads section contains a variety of salads and dressings, for each season. All salads are colorful and full of delicious goodness. Vinaigrettes sound especially interesting to me, since I’m always on a lookout for a new flavor.  Vegetables section, besides fairly simple but vibrant dishes include a couple of fermented veggies recipes. Beans and lentils and Good Grains sections contain nice and hearty recipes that will allow one to get the most from plain ingredients. Fish and Meat and Poultry sections, again, collect together simple (not altogether new to me, personally), very doable recipes. Snacks are the variety of nut mixes and there are a few dessert recipes in Sweets (I’m drooling for some Hazelnut Brownies as I type this).

Overall impression: Very nice  collection of recipes. I’m planning to try most of the dishes in this book . My favorite sections so far are Salads, Veggies and Grains. These are the ones I’m the most excited about. The book is not large in format, lies flat nicely. All of the recipes are easy to prepare even for an inexperienced or a busy cook. The list of ingredients for each recipes is short and most of them are easily accessible and available everywhere. Instructions for recipes are pretty straightforward. There are helpful graphs too.  The style of writing is straightforward and familiar.

Four solid stars, would definitely recommend it to those willing to make changes in their diet and those that don’t alike.

I received this book in exchange for fair and unbiased review from blogging for books


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