Week’s Roundup: January 5-January 11, 2015

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Long, busy-ish week

Picture of the week:

C. got a very cute teapot as a birthday present from my friend and a new tradition is born, every afternoon children spread out a napkin, prepare their special dishes and drink chamomile tea.


What did we do this week?

  • We are “back to school”, we had fairly productive school days at home and children had their first Friday at Home Option program.
  • We went to Denver Art Museum and saw Matisse and Friends Exhibit, as well as some modern art. Children were excited to see the same paintings we looked at when we learned about Matisse. (I seriously recommend An Eye for Art: Focusing on Artists and their Work from National Gallery of Art as a “go-to” book, it’s great, large format, beautifully printed book that teaches children (and indeed adults) how to look at art, what to look for, it also has activities to try out). We played our favorite games at the museum as well.
  • We had another concert at home with another set of friends and it was lovely.
  • We meet friends we haven’t seen for a while and had a delightful time at the park together (thankfully, the weather was cooperating)
  • Saturday we took D. to Colorado Springs to a karate tournament. D. did his best and looked pretty good. The only downside is that in all excitement he left his backpack somewhere at the venue and didn’t realize until we arrived home. We still have hope it might turn up either at the dojo or at the venue, but if not, we will have to replace the gear.


More needle felting for me 😀

What we are reading:

  • We went through our pile of Pop-Up books. The Little Prince is a current favorite for a read-aloud, and C. even makes me to read it again to her in French (my tongue is stiff, but she doesn’t know the difference). There is a number of readings in French on youtube : this lady shows each picture as she reads it and I just love this one, so soothing.
  • D. finished the first book on which Nanny McPhee movies are based: Nanny McPhee: The Collected Tales of Nurse Mathilda by Christianna Brand, he liked it , but not too much enthusiasm overall.
  • C. picked The Mouse Mansion by Karina Shaapman as the book of the week. This book is  cute with very detailed photographs of mice dolls and their adventures.THe Mouse Mansion
  • In Russian: Д. по-прежнему погружен в приключения Фродо, такими темпами он вскорости закончит всю книгу. К. читала “Что я видел” Бориса Житкова сама и вместе мы читаем “Механический Дед Мороз” Свена Нурдквиста
  • Mama reads: I’m still working on my book about genetics  and The Lord of the Rings is being savored rather than read. In addition to these I picked up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, it was recommended by a lot of people and I finally decided to give it a go. It’s fascinating and promising, I am currently gathering  courage to try an implement the method suggested in the book (keep only things that spark joy and get rid of the rest, then organize) and I’m still only halfway through, so we’ll see. I have just received a new cookbook, and I will review it sometimes next week.

Things I did just for me:

Naps, oh the naps. I took naps this week! I am lucky enough to have my parents here and they can watch kiddos for a half an hour or so, and I spent this time not cleaning but napping. No regrets. And no headaches.

I started sketching a little again. My fingers are stiff and I’m trying very hard to push self-criticism away, but I’m drawing again.


Favorite posts from the bloggers I follow this week:

Telling Your Stories to Your Children by mommycrusader

My Daily Sketchbook Project by artfulparent

Natural Structures: Winter Science Activities by imaginechildhood

Post about our last week can be found here, Hope the next week is nice and happy for everyone!


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