Tolkien Day at Suflowerous House

Today, January 3rd marks the “twelfty-third” birthday of the greatest storyteller- J.R.R. Tolkien.  We absolutely had to celebrate, as we are currently wandering around the Middle-Earth.

What did we do today?

Tolkien Day

We started our day with a nice Hobbit breakfast of toast baked into an egg and side of tomato-cucumber-dill salad:

first breakfast :p

first breakfast :p

A little bit later in the morning kids had a “Second Breakfast” of brown rice hot cereal and “elevensies” with avocado pieces.

Hobbits give presents on their birthdays, right? So kids got a little something too. I needle felted some Elven leaves for them (and me!) last night- hairpins for me and C. and a brooch for D.

Elven leaves neddle felt

C.'s hairpin

C.’s hairpin



D.'s pin

D.’s brooch

We learned about Tolkien’s life, reading through the timeline at The Tolkien Society Page, D. was fascinated with Tolkien’s love for languages, as it is his sphere of interest as well. I plan to watch A Study of the Maker of Middle-Earth  documentary later today. We discussed differences in movies and books (those that kids saw so far, that is).

Then we had a “Middle-Earth Lunch” lovingly prepared by children’s grandmother  truth be told it’s nothing new or special, flavor wise, but the magic is in the names – Sam’s famous mashed “taters”, Merry’s favorite sauteed mushrooms, Bilbo’s prize-winning sauteed cabbage and Bombur’s roasted chicken. Kids gobbled it all up 🙂



After lunch we tried our hand in writing our names in Elvish and Dwarvish languages

Dwarf Name Generator

and Elvish Name Generator helped us with this task

Name in Elvish

Name in dwarf runes

We also listened to the Professor reading a poem in Elvish

Then we made “Bilbo’s Teacake” for our evening treat. The original recipe can be found here ( it’s a huge collection of book-inspired food with  recipes)

The recipe for this delicious cake:

Preheat oven to 350 F/ 175 C and grease a standard loaf pan

In a bowl cream 3/4 c of butter and a cup of sugar (I had to substitute for confectioner’s sugar and reduce the overall sugar quantity to approximately 2/3 of a cup), zest of one lemon, then add 4 eggs one by one, whipping as they are added.

In another bowl combine 2 1/4 c of all-purpose flour, 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of salt and raisins or dried currants/ cranberries/berries of your choice.

Carefully combine wet and dry ingredients until smooth (the recipe includes lemon juice which we skipped as C. is not a fan of lemony flavor), transfer batter to the loaf pan and bake 35-45 minutes until done and golden brown (if cake browns too fast it can be covered with aluminium foil). Cool and enjoy!

it smelled divine as it was baking too :)

it smelled divine as it was baking too 🙂

As the cake was baking kids made an impromptu display of artifacts and scenes from the book/movie

D. made an inkwell and a pipe out of Lego which looked nice with our map

D. made an inkwell and a pipe out of Lego which looked nice with our map

They built a scene from the movie, "fighting with Smog inside Erebor"

They built a scene from the movie, “fighting with Smog inside Erebor”

Our day ends with watching The Hobbit cartoon from 1977, thanks to Almost Unschoolers for reminding me in existed, there is a lot of singing, but it’s not bad and children enjoyed it, it’s also less intense for little C. who can handle the scary scenes, but can’t handle the length of Peter Jackson’s films.

For those that missed today (and indeed for me to prepare better) there are other dates on which there is an occasion to celebrate Tolkien’s Works – March 25 is Tolkien Reading Day and The Week of September 22 (which is Hobbit Day) is Tolkien Week, check out your local library or Tolkien Society Page for events near you.

Other lovely sources with Tolkien activities:

Tolkien Unit Study at Homegrown Learners

Celebrate Tolkien Day on WikiHow

already mentioned Middle Earth Foodie

Geeky Chef for recipes for all fandoms really

The Guardian Teaching Tolkien article

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