BOOK PILE: Wordless Picture Books

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Wordless picture books have a special place in our hearts. The art is amazing, the possibilities for story telling are spectacular, and since the story isn’t fixed with a text, we can make it up as we go through the pictures.

Here are our most beloved wordless picture books:

wordless picture books

1) Marije and Ronald Tolman: Tree House  and The Island, absolutely stunning artwork and delicate details follow two bears as they live in a tree house and are visited by various guests. The second book is about a polar bear making a home on an island.

tree house

the island

2) Charlotte Dematons: Her incredibly detailed The Yellow Balloon and Holland provide views of cities and country sides, each picture is filled with life and color!

The Yellow Balloon

The Yellow Balloon



3) Suzy Lee: We adore her books about a fearless little girl, she is so like my own C., funny and inventive. Wave and Shadow are absolute favorites.





4) David Weisner’s Tuesday always provokes many giggles and speculations about flying frogs.


5) Holly Hobbie’s Gem is an absolute delight, perfect for the spring time.

Holly Hobbie Gem

6) Journey and Quest by Aaron Becker are dynamic and engaging, allowing children to build a story following little clues.



7) Jerry Pinkney brings classic fables The Lion and The Mouse and The Tortoise & The Hare to life in gorgeous illustrations

Jerry Pinkney

Toirtoise and the Hare

8) There is of course Chris Raschka with A Ball for Daisy

Chris Rashcka

9) and Molly Idle with her adorable Flora and the Flamingo  and Flora and the PenguinFlora and the flamingo

flora and the penguin

10) Jeannie Baker with her Window and Mirror offers a glimpse into ordinary life with its differences and changes

jeannie baker

the mirror

11) Last but not the least a wordless picture book that is more interesting for older children (nearly wordless it has a little introduction in front of each section and an afterword) is The River by Alessandro Sanna. This book shows the river as it is in different seasons, there is a story for each season. The art is absolutely gorgeous starting with darker, alarming river in the fall and finishing with brilliant, golden water in the summer. We enjoyed this book very much. The afterword emphasizes the importance of water and the spontaneous joy that created the book.

alessandro sanna

This is by no means a full list and I hope to post more about the books as they come to our hands.


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