So close to 2015!

Day 28:

We had our annual holiday concert at home. My mom teaches a piano to my friends’ chilren, as well as mine and yesterday we had a little recital with one of her students (and a family friend). It was absolutely lovely, and full of surprises. C. performed three pieces and was absolutely perfect and confident. D. played his pieces on the piano and so did our Friend. The surprises were D. playing violin for us and Friend performing a special song. It was lovely.

C.'s little duet with grandma

C.’s little duet with grandma

D.'s peformance

D.’s performance

D.'s violin

D.’s violin

I finished my needle felting project. The new wool is so lovely and soft! I made a tiny playscape, I loved making those a couple of years ago and I was wondering if I still remember how. C. convinced me that it should stay in her possession.

made with love

made with love

The doll was a challenge, I hope to do better next time, but C. loved this one. I must say I’m quite fond of it even though it is clearly a “first attempt”, I especially love the braid and a flower on her dress.

She is sweet, isn't she

She is sweet, isn’t she

Day 29:

We are being snowed in. And yet it was a lovely day. First of all, D. and I are sharing a wonderful thing – a book. This is funny, because I always feel that they are growing up too fast, yet it’s awesome too. I had the same feeling when D. picked up his first Harry Potter book, because I was expecting him and reading the series for the first time so long ago. But today  he picked up The Lord of the Rings and all day long I hear “Mom! Did You Know this.. and Mom! it makes so much sense now!”. I am currently re-reading it, so we talk about it a lot (he’s ahead of me even, that little binge reader that devoured 5 chapters in one sitting). He’s reading in Russian, the language in translation is more child-friendly (it’s quite an awesome translation, so win-win his Russian will get better from it) , plus my English copy is, well, mine (precioussss)  😀

Our books side by side

Our books side by side

It’s such a magical feeling to see him discover a new world for the first time. For me to understand that it will most likely shape his character, to affect his view of the world- it’s amazing, and a privilege to observe. We pored over the map of Middle-Earth together today and discussed Bilbo’s travels, and how far Frodo got at the point where he stopped reading today…it hit me and I just keep thinking “My child is old enough to share my interests, oh wow”.

found Erebor!

found Erebor!

We also talked about our New Year Resolutions. After I explained what it meant, kids were curious to know mine (exercise  regularly, read The Silmarillion at last, make some changes in our life) and then came up with theirs. Well, mostly D., C. is too little to have things to change in her perfect world 🙂 Although she does want to learn to make better letters when she writes.

D. made a card and wrote his resolutions down, small tasks, but they can be done.

Lots of Lego resolutions D

Lots of Lego resolutions, but the last one touched my heart

More snow to come tomorrow, and then it will be 2015, in just two days.


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