We were very exited to see the snow towards the end of Christmas Day. Naturally December 26 started with much sledding and rolling in the snow.

our view is cold and pretty

our view is cold and pretty

In the afternoon it got colder and we sat down to create some “indoor sunshine”- some colorful mobiles for our wine rack in the kitchen.

It’s children’s first time beading, I believe (I don’t do beading at all, so I guess for me too), so we just improvised with come clear beads we got from the craft store, using simple thread (2-4 strands) and a needle for easier threading. C. surprised us all with her nimbleness and choices of color.

C.'s creation

C.’s creation

all of our creations, such pretty

all of our creations, pretty colors

I received my holiday present to myself – a huge pile of wool roving and I sat to needle felt immediately. It’s not ready yet and there is a debate if it will stay in our home or go to another child, but I’m already excited about the possibilities for play it will bring.

so many pretty colors and sooo soft

so many pretty colors and sooo soft

Today the skies were blue and the sun shining, the snow started to melt, although there is more coming in the beginning of the next week.

what and icicle!

what and icicle!

Kids had more fun outside and then we sat down and discussed our favorite memories from 2015.

C. and D. agreed that the best thing was the arrival of their grandparents to spend winter with us.  Both kids had a blast on their birthdays (I am actually surprised they picked their birthdays as D. was sick on his and C.’s was very quiet).


D. illustrated his pre-birthday trip to aquarium in Lego

For me the best memory is our hikes this summer in Staunton Park, it is such a lovely place. And (which surprised me) my husband’s rare days off when we would just stay on our tiny couch all four of us- reading aloud or watching a movie, and one of us would doze off accidentally. With four of us and curious cats in one big pile it was snug and warm. Our year was quite eventful, but these little moments of quiet and together-ness I treasure the most.

The year is winding down, only 4 days to go, there are plans to make and resolutions to write down, there are things and thoughts to sort out to leave behind in 2014 so we can have a fresh start in 2015.


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