Merry Christmas Eve’s Eve everybody 🙂 !

Children are counting hours at this point, tomorrow at the same time they will go to bed to wake up to presents under the tree, and delicious special breakfast, and, who knows, maybe even snow.

Today’s plan was to make a paper village. Frankly, I was dreading making a town out of little boxes, so I looked online for some alternative, and then I stumbled upon a wonderful display of paper houses at one of the loveliest Russian blogs about children’s playtimes.

It looked easy enough to make, so this afternoon we sat down to try and create some magic

paper city

First, of course, the planning, we talked about who will live in our paper city, what will it look like, we agreed on bright festive colors.

My Russian readers will surely remember the wonderful book

Площадь картонных часов Леонинда Яхнина (изд-во Махаон, 2012) а также очаровательный мультфильм

Площадь картонных часов

This is a book about a hat maker who made a little paper town in the middle of the forest and of adventures of little paper people that come alive  in this town. I am not sure if there is a book like that in English (would love to check some out if anyone knows some), the only one that comes to mind is Paper John by David Small, but it is not quite it.

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We did look at architecture books for inspiration

If you Lived Here by Giles Laroche (book depository)

If you lived here

and our favorite From Mud Huts to Skyscraper:Architecture for Children by Christine Paxmann, illustrated by Anne Ibelings (book depository)

From Mud Huts to Skyscrapers

Anyway, to create our paper town,  first we folded our paper, creating three creases, so our houses would stand, then we lovingly sketched our streets:

sketching paper houses

then filled in all the delicate details

filling paper houses with color

and splashes of color!

filling paper houses with color

We let our streets dry, traced the outlines with marker, carefully cut them out and voila! Our bookshelf is lovely tiny town:

paper street is ready

let’s look a bit closer:

paper houses 1

Little C. went for big scale

paper street

D. planned out a main square,a school and a cafe, even a half-boarded up old house where an old town guard lives

paper city

MIne was inspired my my husband’s native town, Riga, the capital of Latvia

In the end we were enormously pleased with the result and I’m sure we will make more paper streets in the future.


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