Closer and closer to Christmas…less and less days left in 2014. Another lively week for us, but, thankfully it looks like we are finally getting a break to just be before the year winds down completely.

So what did we do?

Day 16:

We were supposed to play games, and children did on their own. The adults in this house were in a whirlwind all day. But in the evening we managed to sit down and make some presents for kids’ teachers in co-op and activities. I was lucky to pick up last glass decorations in the craft store, so we filled them with good winter-y magic: some sparkly snowflakes, some “pearls” and bits of “Christmas tree”  needles.

so pretty and simple

so pretty and simple

Day 17: Children made cards for their teachers (of which I only managed to photograph one, so quickly they were tucked in their envelopes), kids asked me “not to help” and just dived into the craft box. Quilling paper proved to be the material of choice (I don’t do quilling, but I want to, the paper was purchased by mistake).

D.'s abstract card

D.’s abstract card

Day 18: This day was extra special as our beloved C. turned six years old. The celebration was very quiet, putting a new bookcase together, her helping grandma cook celebration dinner in her brand new frilly dress…

Happy Birthday, lovely !

Happy Birthday, lovely !

I can’t be still and not brag about a present I made for her. Since I’m riding needle felting wave right now, it is of course needle felted. We gave her a new set of cups and dishes for her play kitchen, but I couldn’t find play food that would look cute. So I made it. It’s amateurish, but I’m so proud and she was so happy.

cupcake, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, macaroon, oh my!

cupcake, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, macaroon, oh my!

In the evening we drove around to see lights on houses, my camera failed me, so some tidbits that we have are from the phone. It’s a much loved tradition for us to drive around and listen to Christmas songs. D. always makes the list of the decorations he loves the most to tell grandparents later if they choose not to go with us.



DAY 19: Children had a little celebration with their mates and teachers at our homeschooling support program and wrote letters to Santa.

We also read one of our most favorite winter books:

This post contains link to the site I’m affiliated with, should you choose to make a purchase following the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you)

Buying Mittens by Nankichi Niimi ( book depository), such a lovely story and delightful soft illustrations.


DAY 20: Was spent running around with kids’ activities, but we managed to stop by the local Whole Foods Market where they had real reindeer visiting.


we also folded some Christmas Trees in a great hurry as me and D. were leaving for a White Elephant Party at the friend’s house.

to add to our messy holiday display :)

to add to our messy holiday display 🙂

And that is how another 5 days passed. Lazy day today, couldn’t be happier…

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