Our business is winding down little by little, and it feels so good.

We are continuing to brighten up our days with small holiday activities ( days 1-5 and 6-10)

DAY 11: We were supposed to have a hike, but little C. didn’t feel very well, so we decided to organize and put together a little Holiday book pile

just a part of our collection

just a part of our collection

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We have selected our “big” holiday book to enjoy throughout December and it’s

East of the Sun, West of the Moon by Jackie Morris (book depository), we are slowly getting through it and loving it so far (I think it may be more suited to older children, such as D. who’s 9, but my nearly 6 y.o. C. listens attentively as well). I have to restrain myself from reading ahead, so curious I am to find out what happens in the story.


DAY 12: D. had a little concert with his band in homeschooling co-op, it was fun. We were very tired but the Winter Fruit Brew that we made cheered us up a lot.

This drink is very popular in Russia and I loved it growing up. Kids started to enjoy fruity (or any flavored) drinks only recently so it was the first one for them.

It is very simple to make:

Gather together a variety of winter fruit, in our case a handful of each:

prunes, raisins, a cut up apple, cut up clementine, cut up pear, some frozen cranberries.

Put it into a pot with water and bring to a boil, add sugar to taste (We don’t like our drinks too sweet, so it was about 2 Tbs of brown sugar per big pot) and let it simmer until the desired softness of fruit (we did for about 20 minutes).


Let it cool down and enjoy. This drink is equally delicious warm and cold.



DAY 13: Long anticipated candle making!

I had a Beeswax Candles kit for a while, it is very simple to use, all you need is blow dryer, everything else was in the kit. Kids had a blast rolling their candles.

colorful crow

colorful crow

warmth and comfort

warmth and comfort

DAY 14: we made holiday scenes in a “jar”. This jars this time were IKEA lanterns and a little bell jar for me.

I didn’t realize that there are gaps between the glass and lantern frame, so it was a bit of a messy job for kids.

They poured Epsom Salt into lanterns for “snow”, added sequins and foil snowflakes, then created their scenery: both put little wooden fir trees, C. made a pom-pom snowman and D. made candy cane and a candle out of pipe cleaners. Fairly easy.

a snowman with a startled look :D

a snowman with a startled look 😀

a gigantic candy cane

a gigantic candy cane

I am in my needle felting mode right now, but I have to say animals were never my forte. Yet I tried to make a little winter scene and it was so much fun to do it! I just love the feeling of wool roving and the way it goes from shapeless mass into a picture.

sweet dreams, little fox

sweet dreams, little fox

DAY 15: Finally, the day that children were waiting for has come! They went and got the tree! We always get our tree later as it’s supposed to last through the New Year’s Day and hopefully Orthodox Christmas. It is a tiny tree this year. Kids had a blast decorating it, some of the ornaments are made by them in previous years and some were bought by special people.

little fir tree

little fir tree

Year after year I forget to buy a top despite all the mental notes, so this year we had to improvise with a gilded feather we found in Michaels (in a pile of holiday left overs). It’s weird, but I love how it reflects the colorful lights.


Mama reads: I have never read “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott (book depository) before and it seems like a nice, warm holiday read.

Most of our activities should be done by the end of the week, this week is also a special week as our little girl is turning 6 years old. Looking forward to more fun moments, hopefully some lazy and slow evenings as well.


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