Book Review: The Portlandia Cookbook by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein with Jonathan Krisel

The Portlandia Cookbook is a companion to the popular TV Show, which I enjoy very much. I was excited when I heard that there is a cookbook, because having food inspired by a tv show/book adds another dimension to the experience of watching/reading. I also love Portland the city and bringing a little bit of its foodie culture to the table sounded quite appealing.


The format: The book contains about 50 recipes, all contributions of Portlandia characters, including Kath and Dave, Nina and Lance, Mr. Mayor et al., oh, and even the rats. There are little Portlandia notes throughout the book, which made me and my husband laugh a lot (“want to make anything better? -put an egg on it”- best advice ever, on par with putting a bird on any piece to make it art ) , we giggled at “fart patio” like a pair of kids, no lie.

There are 5 sections in this book: Small Plates, Main Courses, Desserts, Drinks and Brunch. The recipes are nothing terribly special, yet look like fun and are completely doable. I put a bunch of bookmarks in  already, and will be trying to make some dishes soon. I loved that all the recipes are colorful, with a variety of (local!) vegetables. There are a few vegetarian options. Desserts are simple and probably something everybody has done before, so are the brunch recipes. Therefore, my primary interest lies in small plates and main courses.

Overall, I say this book would make a fun gift for a fan of the show for sure. It may not be “go for out of this world recipe” cookbook, but the content is good.

I received this book for review from Blogging for Books.


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