Our week was crazy. Again. We try to make small changes around us to enjoy the season.

Here’s what we’ve done these first five days of December:

Day 1:

We put up lights inside the house, as always minimalism is the concept 🙂


Snowflakes inside!

Day 2: We were running around so much, just sitting down with a huge mug of hot chocolate was fantastic!

Day 3: We put a little bit of lights outside

tumblr_ng6t9pubPe1r2060co1_400Day 4: We watched a movie as a family (time for yearly Star Wars marathon!)  and candles warmed up the kitchen atmosphere


Day 5: We actually were too exhausted to do anything, so we caught up today. We did Winter Art:

Project 1: It was meant to be snowflake stencils, we cut snowflakes out and colored all around it. For some reason only D.’s stencils worked out

in process

in process

D's result

D’s result

Me and C. failed with this one, so we ended up just sticking out snowflakes onto the painted page

final result

C.’s art

Project 2:

I love the Abstract Winter Trees project at Art Projects For Kids and doing this activity was easy and fun.

First they drew triangle trees (C had to trace the triangle ruler), then the horizon, then they separated sky into three parts. Traced with crayons, filled the colors with watercolor paint. Added white snowflakes with acrylic paint and voila!


Love the colors!

Kids listened to Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Fir Tree that we have on tape (we listened to the Russian version, but there is an audio book in English made by Librivox here , it is a very nice story, gives us something to think about and discuss later).


3 thoughts on “BEST SEASON OF ALL 2014: DAY 1-5

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