The Best Season of All 2014

Every year ever since my eldest was 3 or 4 years old I try to make December a bit more festive. Originally it was a couple of crafts a week and a book here and there, but over the years it evolved into a full blown calendar for every day in December. Last year children painted little envelopes where I put little activities suggestions. This year they asked me to surprise them, so I went for and origami calendar. Boy, was it a pain to fold them all, but the kids’ reaction was absolutely worth it.

Here’s what it looks like:

all the simple shapes

all the simple shapes

The shapes are : a star( tutorial here), a heart (tutorial here), a reindeer (tutorial here), Santa’s hat (here are the instructions), and envelope (instructions are here), Christmas tree (instructions here), penguin (instructions),  and Santa’s boot (instructions here).

Things we are hoping to do this season:

1. Decorate the house

2. Have a hot chocolate day

3. Decorate the house outside

4. Movie night (in or out)

5. Make cookies

6. Winter art (Art Project For Kids is my favorite place for inspiration)

7. Go listen to some Christmas Music

8. Window Display

9. Kids get to open some new books

10. Lego Christmas Village building

11. Winter hike and scavenger hunt

12. Make a winter Brew (drink with boiled winter fruit and dried fruit)

13. Make some candles

14. Christmas panorama in a lantern

15. Get a tree ( we usually get it later so it lasts through the New Year’s Day)

16. Family Game Night

17. Make cards for friends and teachers

18. Christmas lights drive

19. Write a letter to Santa

20. Winter origami

21. Learn about Season’s Celebrations in another country

22. Make a  tree decorations

23. Make acardboard mini village or forest scenery

24. Make more cookies nad prepare carrots and oats for Santa’s reindeer

25. Merry Christmas, we will sing some carols and spend a day as a family

26. Make a mobile or a suncatcher

27. Write down/draw the best memory of 2014

28. Make a bird feeder

29. Make a calendar for the next year

30. Make chocolates

31. Say goodvbye to 2014

We will try to read as many holiday or winter themed books as we can, also watch some movies.

Happy Holidays to all!


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