September week 2

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We had another good and busy week, posting a little bit late.

Learning at home:

We did our best with planned  lessons and continue to tackle D’s violin (ugh, not easy, but he persists). Kids read a lot and D. started writing poetry again.

Favorite moment: Watching D. struggle with violin, sometimes through tears of frustration, and still not giving up. Also, this week I realized that the day we are most tired are in the end the best. Because it is good tired, from doing a lot, and doing it together.

Learning outside of home:

Kids had a great time in co-op on Friday, and we had our first field trip of school year. With D’s Colorado History class we visited Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It was very fascinating and educational. Now, this is reconstruction and people did not actually live THERE, but it is just like the ruins that were moved on this site and it’s 100% hands on. Kids were able to crawl through the caves and imagine themselves living there. The best pat of the trip to my kids?- The bat hanging from the ceiling in one of the caves 😀

children were able to go into the caves (with adult supervision!) and explore

children were able to go into the caves (with adult supervision!) and explore

Best memory: Driving through rain and fog only to have sun come out in the middle of our field trip, it turned out to be such a gorgeous day! Also little C. was not carsick both ways for the first time in her life (please, please, let her outgrow it finally)

gorgeous views

gorgeous views


D reads:

He finished Emil and the Detectives and loved it a lot.

In honor of Roald Dahl’s Day D. e also read Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl (book depository)

In Russian : Ольга Кувыкина:  Письма Насекомых (ИД Мещерякова, 2009)  книга довольно интересная, но порой ссылается на совершенно недетские реалии, например “Молчание ягнят”, но ребенку нравится.

C reads:

We continue reading about Frog and Toad for reading lessons, and together we read a few great picture books. The favorites are:

Butterfly is Patient by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long (book depository) is a wonderful, absolutely beautiful book that introduces little ones to life cycles of butterflies. After we read it, C. spent good half an hour just looking at each picture and admiring beautiful butterflies.

We also read, or rather re-read Peter in Blueberry Land by Elsa Beskow (book depository), Beskow’s illustrations and simple but kind tales have been favorites since my children were very small.

In Russian: Серей Георгиев Грустное Дeрево

Mama reads:

I’m completely enchanted with Discworld this year (how did I manage to overlook this series before) and I’m thoroughly enjoying the first book of the series (not the first I’ve read though) “The Color of Magic”. Boy, what a ride this book is!

In the kitchen:

New discovery in bento-making– my kids LOVE rice with Wakame sea vegetable. They licked their plates and rice cooker clean. It’s very easy to make: a cup of well rinced rice+ pinch of salt +3/4 c of dry wakame, cook as usual, serve with any fish or meat.

I also started to bake again and made Banana Bread which turned out very yummy.

In other news, we saw first flurries Friday, it was 37 F outside! Not ready for this just yet, thank goodness it warmed up.


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