September- week 1

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September is here! It means fall fall fall is almost here. It definitely feels like fall, there is noticeable yellow among the green, the nights are cool (oh, to snuggle under the comforter!), and the air is crisp in the morning. It rained quite a bit too.

So what have we been doing this first week?

1. School at home: We are still getting used to the rhythm , it takes us a while to get things going in the morning and sometimes we end up finishing our work deep into the afternoon. Otherwise it’s not too bad. I can’t figure out yet how to make our days more fun without sacrificing academic load. Although I question the said load every single day, they both need to be challenged, but sometimes it’s too much stress for me to get things done.

Best memory of the week: Playing soccer in an empty park Thursday morning, the air smelled so automn-y, the breeze was cool, so wonderful!


2. School outside of home: This one day in co-op took a new meaning for me this year. C. started Kindergarten. D. is doing well in his classes, he picked violin for band and the instrument has arrived Friday. Private lessons are not within our budget at the moment so outside of school I will have to teach him myself. It is a challenge for both, but he insists he wants to do it. Other activities are going great. Swimming has started, ballet is wonderful for C. and D. does great in choir and karate.

Best memory of this week: Little C. being so excited to start Kindy in co-op, yet still stopping to look at the enormously long worm that crawled out after the rainy night.


Reading adventures:

D. has finished Ice Whale by Jean Graighead George (book depository) and enjoyed it tremendously.

He is currently in the middle of How To Train Your Dragon 6: A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons by Cressida Cowell (book depository), he is totally obsessed with the series. He just added The Complete book of Dragons A Guide to Dragon Species (book depository)  from the same series and won’t let it out of his hands. He reads Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kästner (book depository) for discussions at home.

In Russian he reads: Сто Лет Тому Вперед (Кир Булычёв, серия Отцы-Основатели, изд-во Эксмо) и Очарованье Русского Пейзажа. Сказки о Художниках. Изд-во Белый Город 

C. is reading Frog and Toad collection by Arnold Lobel (book depository)  with my help. Her favorite picture book of the week is Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper ( book depository)

In Russian we read: Джанни Родари Сказки (изд-во Махаон)

Mama reads: Re-reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (book depository) and it continues to be one of the best love stories in my opinion. Also finishing As Always, Julia:The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto (book depository), it is very interesting to see how the legendary cookbook was made, it is also curious to see the outlook of two women on the political situation in US at the time.

In the Kitchen: I just made my second batch of Kimchi, still not sure how authentic is the taste , but it is close enough to the store bought and family loves it. I did struggle with hot pepper paste proportions, but I think I got it right at last. I got a hang of making bento lunches for husband and kiddos (When they need it) and will continue to make them for as long as I can.

Next week will be busy as we have a field trip with one of D.’s classes from co-op, we are quite excited about that. I hope to squeeze in an art project as the last one we’ve done was last week (stay tuned for post). As always plans are grand, we’ll see which ones will work out.


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